Nov. 19th, 2010

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How the hell do you sign up for this thing? I signed up for an OpenID but AO3 doesn't like it and the signup site itself is not helpful at all.
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(Post formerly consisted of "hurdur" which explains the comments below...)

Dear Yuletide writer,

...hold that thought. I have to head to work but this'll be updated within 24 hours. I'm so prompt.

Ahem. Okay! First off, apologies for not giving you much to work with--this is my first Yuletide, so I wasn't sure what stuff was kosher to put in the I didn't really put anything. But really, I want you to have fun writing this. I picked the characters on the form with sort of a gen mindset, though I'm not against fic with ships. I do tend toward het over slash, but it depends on the characters.

Things I do like:

-Stuff that's not overly depressing. I'm not anti-angst, but hopefully nothing that's a total emotional steamroller?
-Ladies being awesome. (I don't know which of my requests you got, but of the ones I put up, Karrin Murphy and Mia Fey are my favorite characters. Quite awesome.)
-Friendships! I love me some good friendships represented in fic. Even between actual couples--after all, they can't be making out all of the time.

Man, I am a fail requester. I guess I'm just hoping for a story that leaves me smiling and makes me glad I signed up. I'm pretty sure you're up to the task.


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