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...yeah, it's a placeholder for now. Hopefully I get this edited before you receive your assignment, but just in case! I promise not to leave you hanging on this, dear writer, but I lost track of days and scrambled to sign up on the last night, so I didn't have time to finish the letter before submitting my offers and requests.
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Dear Yuletide writer,

Hi! Preemptive thank you for writing for me, and I want to say upfront that if you have an idea for your story that doesn't match with the specific ideas or prompts below, cool—I'd very happy to receive a story that inspired you or that you just thought would be really fun.

Fic stuff I like in general: stuff that fits into canon (either missing scenes or things that work with the canon timeline to deepen character understanding), canon-divergent AUs of the "what if X was different?" style, both humor and angst, characters spending time together who don't do so much in canon, complicated emotional dynamics. Smut is good, especially with a strong sense of who the characters are, but I'm not specifically looking for that—if it fits with your story and you want to write it, cool, if not, cool. I tend to like het more than slash but not always, and gen is great too.

Fic stuff I don't like: AUs of the "characters are in high school/a coffee shop/etc" variety, character death or excessively unhappy endings (I don't know 100% happiness and sugar, but for Yuletide I'd prefer not to come away depressed), non-canon breakups.

I'm kind of neutral on crossovers, as they can be kind of dull if I only know one of the canons, but little easter eggs are very welcome. The Thrilling Adventure Hour would be an exception to this—I'm not specifically looking for a crossover between different segments, but obviously I'm familiar with all of them and would enjoy it if you went there.


Elena Fisher, *anyone

I picked Elena as my sole character to match on for Uncharted because 1) she is my favorite 2) there are just so many other characters I'd enjoy seeing her interact with, so the choice is yours! Or you could go totally solo if that stirs your fancy. Some ideas:

-Elena & Nate. I ship the fuck out of them, OTP forever in all their messiness. The two of them on adventure? Wrangling with dating/a serious relationship/the fallout of their estrangement/trying on weird domesticity (depending on canon point)? Banging furiously? There is probably nothing with them you could do that I wouldn't like.

-Elena & Chloe. I've often thought it's a shame we don't see them interact after Among Thieves, given that they won each other's respect (and were never super catty to begin with, which I love), and I think they have a lot of potential to have an interesting friendship, even if she's Nate's friend first. I'd love to see them hanging out, either because one or both of their lines of work brought them together, or for more chill reasons. (If you feel like going angsty, I'd be very intrigued by something pre-UC3, possibly where Chloe learns of the estrangement—there's no way she wasn't aware, but nothing in canon says she heard it from Nate.) My only request would be that they wouldn't only talk about Nate, though talking (and making fun of) him is fun.

-Elena & Sam/Sully/Charlie etc. (Er, those are options, not Elena and a really interesting threesome, though if you think you're up for it I'd be impressed.) I looooove Elena & Sully's relationship and the way we can see it has progressed without seeing the progression itself, and I'd love to see a post-game look at Elena & Sam learning to be family. And she knows Charlie somehow, so it'd be cool to see how they interact. (Can you tell that the character stuff matters more to me than plot? Though I love plotty stuff too. I'm easy to satisfy.)

Hark! A Vagrant

Nemesis, Pirate

Maybe it's because of all the fandom remixes I've seen of their comics, which make me laugh absolutely 100% of the time, but I really love these two. I'd love to see more of them and what makes their bond of enmity. Given the tone of the original comics, I'd especially enjoy something humorous, but I'm not averse to something more serious if that floats your boat. (Haha, see what I did there.) I'm also equally fine with them as an explicit pairing or just, you know, super devoted to going after each other.

A couple of specific plotty ideas:

-After a battle that took out both their ships, Pirate and Nemesis (feel free to give them names, or just go with those monikers!) end up on a deserted island together. Will they overcome their differences to help each other survive? Is their mutual enmity the very thing that does help them survive? Will there be beach smooching?

-One of very few exceptions to my dislike of non-canon divergent AUs. I'm kind of amused by the idea that their mutual burning enmity is so strong that it might have been reincarnated between them as different people in different lives in different times—it'd be fun to see a "history repeats itself" thing with them.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour

Sparks Nevada, The Red Plains Rider, Croach the Tracker

I should say upfront  that I'm lukewarm on these characters as a threesome, mainly because a lot of the time people seem to use it as a solution to a love triangle and I see a good threesome as being an entirely different thing from any of the internal pairings within it, and also because people seem to take it for granted that Sparks and Croach already have True Love between them and personally I think they'd need more work to get there from canon. It's not a Do Not Want, but if you want to go for a threesome, I would love to see it get built up or already exist but have the story itself make me believe. As for two-person ships, I was pretty happy with both Red/Sparks and Red/Croach in canon. I also LOVE Ginny West and would be happy to see her too if you wanted to include her or set the story in later canon. Stuff that isn't shippy at all is just fine too.

Anyway! What I really love is the friendship between these three, no matter what their current romantic entanglements are, even when there's friction between them. (Is there ever not?) I would really enjoy a story where the three of them are brought together in some way, either through a big adventure or tracking down some robot rogue or maybe because of a Martian holiday. As in the canon, I'd love to see humor here, but I'm more open to drama too since SN has had some amazingly touching moments. Some stuff I like:

-Clashing human and Martian cultures, manners and expectations, especially considering Red comes from both worlds. I've really enjoyed Croach trying out human events (surprise event!) and exploring things like Red's Hee-Ros K’west in canon.

-Drunk Croach is just a good time if there is room for that.

-I haven't seen 99.9% of the surviving M Bar episodes, so I'm pretty canonblind when it comes to the pre-podcast era, and I think it'd be fun to see something from earlier in their lives, maybe when Sparks was settling into his tenure as marshal and getting to know Red and his new Martian sidekick.

-AU: What if Sparks really was the father of Red's real human baby, instead of Jib Janeen? I've always wondered how that would have gone. Could be a shippy thing or something where they learn to co-parent as friends.

I hope this letter is helpful to you—in my last Yuletide, I had no idea was doing and didn't give my writer much insight on my tastes and ideas, and I've been mortified ever since. At the same time, I do want you to enjoy writing, so don't stress about that—even if you come up with something wildly different from anything I've suggested here, I'm super interested to read it. Thanks so much, and happy Yuletide!

(P.S. I can also be found at effervescible.tumblr.com if you're looking for more about me, but it's mainly dumb video game images, fair warning.)
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If you've got any questions, comments or concerns you'd like to bring to my attention, please comment here. Anon enabled/screening enabled/IP logging disabled.
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So last week my ear started ringing

And then it didn't stop

And then it started hurting


Hooray for antibiotics!
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Went to my first meeting of the running club I joined. Good times and free pizza. And then since the NYC Marathon was this weekend and some of them ran, people shared their marathon stories!


It was kind of inspiring, though.
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...in baby steps.

I turned 30 the other week. I won't deny that there came a bit of "oh god I am so old and don't know what I'm doing with my life and I do NOT have my shit TOGETHER like I should at this age" withit, but I also started to GET some of my shit together. And it was better than the quarter-life crisis that came with the messed-up brain chemistry a few years ago.

I continue to try this adulthood thing.

Hard mode: I'm getting together a real, solid budget, not one that's more like the POTC pirates' code. ("It's really more of a guideline.")

Easy mode: I want a new bed.

IKEA, anyone?
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Probably the only wizardspam you'll see from me )

Yes, I'm aware that I'm using a book icon for a movie post. I'm a rebel.
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More bugtown through Castle Oblivion )

That's pretty much it except special achievements and watching the end (which I just did) but I'll type up my thoughts on that later since they'll be longer. Though they can also be summed up as "???!!!!"
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So I'm going to do non-gaming LJ posts.


Olympus through the start of Agrabah )
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Because I had fun reading along to a friend's notes on Birth by Sleep as she progressed.

Game intro through Traverse Town. SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING KH. )

My basic thoughts so far )

THAT'S ABOUT IT. I'm going to go fold my laundry now like I should have two hours ago.
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, jaina sent to me...
Twelve karas drumming
Eleven mindfucks piping
Ten transformers a-leaping
Nine icons dancing
Eight tennis a-betareading
Seven fables a-ranting
Six drabbles editing
Five ki-i-i-inokuniya books
Four captain pritti-hairs
Three commander vimes
Two video games
...and an utena in a lupin iii.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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I'm pretty sure Glee thinks there are only like ten schools in all of Ohio.
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(Post formerly consisted of "hurdur" which explains the comments below...)

Dear Yuletide writer,

...hold that thought. I have to head to work but this'll be updated within 24 hours. I'm so prompt.

Ahem. Okay! First off, apologies for not giving you much to work with--this is my first Yuletide, so I wasn't sure what stuff was kosher to put in the requests...so I didn't really put anything. But really, I want you to have fun writing this. I picked the characters on the form with sort of a gen mindset, though I'm not against fic with ships. I do tend toward het over slash, but it depends on the characters.

Things I do like:

-Stuff that's not overly depressing. I'm not anti-angst, but hopefully nothing that's a total emotional steamroller?
-Ladies being awesome. (I don't know which of my requests you got, but of the ones I put up, Karrin Murphy and Mia Fey are my favorite characters. Quite awesome.)
-Friendships! I love me some good friendships represented in fic. Even between actual couples--after all, they can't be making out all of the time.

Man, I am a fail requester. I guess I'm just hoping for a story that leaves me smiling and makes me glad I signed up. I'm pretty sure you're up to the task.
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How the hell do you sign up for this thing? I signed up for an OpenID but AO3 doesn't like it and the signup site itself is not helpful at all.
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I don't know that I believe everything happens for a reason. But sometimes things happen that make you think maybe this did.
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This censored cut of Kill Bill vol. 1 on TNT is fascinating. They cut out all of the blood sprays and a lot of the moments of impact for particularly brutal blows. What is the point of even airing it?! Then again, here I am with it running in the background.

I ate way too much candy/junk crap today. Ugh. I hope the weather cooperates tomorrow; I really feel like running this off.

Been kind of anxious/bummed out this weekend. But on the plus side, I've never been trapped near the summit of Mt. Everest during a violent storm like the people in the Frontline documentary I've been watching. That puts things in perspective, just a little bit.


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