Apr. 1st, 2005 09:33 am
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I no longer think Millyfan and Shadsie are a couple of stupid bitches. In fact, I think MF has incredible debate skills and is full of diplomacy and class. Like, more than Tiggy even. Sorry, Tiggy.

I will henceforth be defriending all of the yaoi fans I callously seduced away with my large collection of het doujinshi and burning the books. Except for the twincest and Wolfwood/Vash ones I got accidentally through misleading covers or Eric's trip to Japan--those I'll be scanning as a peace offering. I was upset when I got them but now I see it must have been a sign.

[ profile] arafel, [ profile] fadingembers--don't try to find me. I appreciate your friendship, but how can I speak to you again, realizing how cruel you've been?

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Sometimes I want to post one of those "say anything, anon comments won't be traced" threads that spread such bitchery fun through HP and other fandoms. And then I realize 1) my fandom isn't big enough for that 2) not enough people in it care about me to make it worthwhile. Too bad.

Though for the record, ip tracing is off now. ;) Just don't say anything mean if I know you in real life, I'd have to hunt you down and kill you be sad.


Feb. 21st, 2005 02:21 am
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*checks the nobaby pills* Yep, last week before the placebos. I can tell because I get all...well, not quite pissy. Spoiling for an intarweb fight more like. (Well, doesn't have to be the internet, but the only real life outlet I currently have loses to the apathy I feel about the whole thing.) Okay, not gonna do this. Will be GOOD. Will NOT be bitchy, even if I'm darn good at it. WILL SMILE AND BE PLEASANT DAMMIT.

God, I have so much to do this week. I think about it and I want to die.

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Dear writers with skin like tissue paper,

A negative review that focuses solely on the fic is not a flame just because it comes from someone you dislike. No, really. No. Really.




Dec. 13th, 2004 07:48 pm
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Well, thanks, random fandom_wank poster. I didn't really want to be surprised by what happens to Alphonse Elric anyway. Jesus.
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For anyone who wants them but specifically for poor ill [ profile] rainjewel.

I already pimped the last one but it fits the theme.

And now for the bitching out )
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Cliques are love fun evil

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JainaX: Hello there.
JainaX: How rude of me not to introduce myself--I'm Jaina, the person whose story you ripped off. Nice to meet you!
Monikaluker: Hi
JainaX: I hope you realize I'm being sarcastic. So, want to explain your reasoning or just skip to the abject apology?
Monikaluker: I'm sorry.I didn't know that you wrote the story and I won't pull a stupid stunt like that again.
JainaX: You liar. Of course you knew. How else would you have found it? My name is one every copy online. Even if you didn't know that I wrote it, you knew that YOU did not write it, but you posted it anyway. What, were your fics not getting enough reviews? Try working to improve your writing instead of doing something a small child knows is wrong.
Monikaluker: I'm not lying.I didn't know.I promise I won't do anything like that again.Seriously.
JainaX: Look, you're missing the point. I could have been any stranger. You DID know it wasn't yours. You DID decide to post it anyway. I hope you feel like shit.
Monikaluker: Yeah I do.I won't post stuff that isn't mine.I am truely extremly sorry.
JainaX: Right. You're sorry you got caught. Here's hoping you grow up a lot, because you need it. Bye now.



May. 12th, 2004 04:11 pm
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Shit like this makes me embarrassed to be a con-going otaku. Really, we're not all like this.

[edit: I'm talking about the asshole original posters, not the cosplayers.]
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Well, I now know that these shoes are not good shoes to wear when you're walking to class at a fairly brisk pace instead of driving or taking the shuttle. I now have a decent-sized blister (not that there's anything decent about blisters) right below the ball of my foot. Oh, did I mention there's one on each foot?

Ow. Ow. Ow.
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I should have known today was going to be a bad day when all of my bread was moldy. But it started out so well, y'know? I got a good night's sleep, didn't have freaky dreams, and couldn't sleep in past 9. (I like sleeping in if I need to, but it's nice to be up in the mornings, too.) Things start going downhill when I try and log into PlacePro only to find that I can't remember my password, nothing I try works, they have no method of password retrieval and the only way to get customer support is to call a number that may or may not be toll-free. I grit my teeth. I burn the CD of my video for Ohayocon's AMV contest, I hop on my bike to go up town. A couple of blocks away, I hear this ungodly sound that can only be described as SKRONK and the bike, she ain't goin' no more. I lay it down to examine the problem, and the meta chunky thingie that manages the chain (yes, that is a technical term) on the back wheel is totally fucked. We are talking twisted metal here, people. I have no idea why--I'd been noticing some weirdness lately when I shifted gears, and the chain has slipped off a couple of times, but this is just out of nowhere. I try and push it back into place but this is a lost cause. However, I still need to get up to the post office, so I chain the bike to a tree and go.

On the way, I run into [ profile] drcristin and [ profile] wik, who probably thought I was deranged. They tell me of the generic holidays parade going on uptown--that explains the drum sounds. I go uptown. I cannot fucking get across the street to the post office because the parade is huge and evil. ARGH. Eventually, I just run across the street during a slow moment.

I do my business in the post office. I come out. I cannot cross the goddamn street; the parade is too busy. I am in HELL because I'm feeling pissy enough because of my goddamn bike breaking. I don't have a car here, so this is actually something of a big deal for me. So I watch the parade. It's really weird and includes some woman dressed up as the Wicked Witch yelling out "Merry Christmas!" I suspect that I have gone insane when a fucking ewok makes its way down the street, along with Darth Vader and Princess Leia. I rescind my diagnosis of insanity when I see the sign that advertises them as being from Video Spectrum, but promptly reinstate it when a giant squirrel trots on by. I have no explanation for that one.

Eventually, I see Santa coming down the road, and my heart cries out for him. Santa! Come save me! All I want for Christmas is to get out of here! Santa must have downsized the reindeer because he takes forever to get to where I am, and then he's a damned imposter. Fuck you, Cat in the Hat. The parade is still going on and I finally spot a gap so I run across the street while the cop's back is turned.

I walk back to where my bike is. I try a variety of different methods to get it back to the apartment. Carrying it is awkward, tiresome, and occasionally painful. Dragging is somewhat easier, but makes the bike vibrate enough that I fear it will burst into flame at any moment. Finally, finally I get home. I pout. I am still pouting now. I think I shall watch some live-action Sailor Moon, because it is the only thing in the world that possibly has enough cuteness to save me from my Pissiness o' Doom.


Nov. 18th, 2003 05:42 pm
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It's pouring out. I have to walk to class.



Nov. 14th, 2003 01:32 pm
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Dear Photoshop 6.0,

I hate you and spit upon all of your works.



Jul. 29th, 2003 05:21 pm
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Prawnies & co.--looks like Princess Fuckwit decided to finish her fic. I suppose she ended it well. When it comes to praise-grabbing endings, it's hard to do better than a "oh hey, it's seventy years later and Meryl is old and dies and here's a sniffly retrospective of her years. Fuck the time scale." At least there will be no more whining.
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Three, technically. My neck is in a thousand knots from staring down at bundles of boring paper, looking for checks that never materialized. WAH. Anyways.

1) Stupid dentist's office. Last week, I was having dinner with the lovely Emma before her play, and two of my front teeth started feeling this odd pressure and then went numb. I don't have a clue what's up with them. So, I scheduled a dentist's appointment, and as per Mom's suggestion, mentioned I might as well get a cleaning as long as I was there. See, she thought that my last standard cleaning was in January, and as I repress my trips to the dentist as quickly as possible, I figured she was right. She wasn't. It was March. So I got home to hear a couple of messages from the denist's office cancelling my appointment because they didn't have me down as needing a cleaning. YOU STUPID BINT, I SAID THERE WAS ANOTHER REASON! And I scheduled this appoint for next Tuesday on this past MONDAY. Way to give me a lot of time to call in to work things out, especially since they won't be open on Memorial Day. If they filled in my appointment time I am going to be so (more) pissed. Bugfuckers. I'm pretty sure I was audibly pissed on the message I left.

2) Whoever makes the chili at the Skyline on Schrock Road in Westerville. Okay, chili? Has more than beans and a weak watery brown substance. This was just...bland. I like cheese and noodles and beans okay, but I wanted CHILI! Chili has spice, even corporate sell-out chili like Skyline. Goddammit. Now I have to drive all the way to Polaris if I want some decent Skyline. Bugfuckers, conspiring to keep me from a good meal! I'm sorry I ever ogled you, Chasier Boy With Dimples!

And now for some introspection... )

Bah, I sound like a total bummer. Hey, it's the weekend! I get to have free time and write/edit fic and I don't have to go to work at the usual time/at all on Monday if I don't want to! I get to worry about future temp jobs and making money! No, I will be fine. I think I'm going to check out Anime Palace in Worthington tomorrow, and play some tennis with Chris if he's up for it. Oh, and [ profile] qkellie, we must make plans to get together very soon. That's about it, I suppose. I really will post an ACen recap tonight or tomorrow. Really!
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I woke up badly twice this morning. The first time, a noise or maybe just something in my dreams woke me up. Without even considering whether the alarm had gone off, I sat straight up, jumped out of bed, reflexively turned my computer on (heh) and paused. I felt like crap; SO unbelievably tired, I wanted to call in and see if I could just skip a few hours of lab. There was no way I could function feeling like this.

Then I looked over at the clock. It was exactly four o'clock AM. I'd only been asleep for an hour and a half. I turned the computer off and happily went to bed.

At seven-thirty, the alarm did go off but it was instantly accompanied by a leg cramp of epic proportions in my left calf. It hurt quite a bit. I was actually sniveling out loud; good thing Val's no longer on the other side of the wall to be annoyed. I can still feel it if I stretch my leg out. It's waiting like a hidden bomb for the right moment to strike and make me fell down on the sidewalk like an idiot.


Apr. 1st, 2003 09:05 am
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A quote from a twincest fic on ffnet:

"They had finally found happiness. Of course, there were still many glaring differences between them that occasionally led to serious problems, but at least they had reached the point where they were able to laugh and joke about each other's quirks instead of arguing about them constantly."

Quirks. Yes.


Much as I hate twincest, I think I hate the non-sexual OOC even more.

*cries like the baby Jesus*


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