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I just got laid off again.
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Being out of work is scary. Facing down the prospect of a real interview? Terrifying.


Mar. 10th, 2009 07:20 pm
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Anxiety attacks blow.
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Pre-meme observation: man, if this time of Job Yuck has shown me anything, it's that I really don't deal with change as well as I'd like to think I would.

Been meaning to do my half of this:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Or don't, whatever you feel like.

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wah ;_;

Mar. 22nd, 2006 12:34 pm
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*hurls from work stress*

Hm. Wait a tick, this could be from work stress or it could be from when I woke up this morning feeling queasy. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. Or the quease could be from the work stress.

Either way.



May. 27th, 2005 11:42 am
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Well, back to square one.
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KITTYHATEWORK: I was trying to think up something similar for you last night, but all I got was "I'm smart, hire me bitches."
JainaX: LOL. Well if I get really desperate I might try that.
KITTYHATEWORK: I think there should be another comma there, as you do not want them to hire bitches for you.
KITTYHATEWORK: well, not yet anyway
JainaX: that's when I reach management
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Dear Mr. NameDeleted,

I’m writing to submit my qualifications for the position of library research assistant, as listed on your web site. As a double major in visual communication technology and creative writing (graduating in May, 2005), I have to ability to work efficiently and well on both the design and editorial sides of print media. Oh my god HIRE ME HIRE ME HIRE MEEEEEEEE!

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Well, today's the last day at Dairy Queen.

Laaaast day. Ever, assuming that (omg hope hope hope) I get a job after graduation. I just had to draw that out. Let's face it, no matter how fun and kooky most of the crew is, it's still food service. Hmm. Maybe I should buy a treatza pizza before my discount goes away.

*Jaina's belly*: No! I like these pants, they fit! Don't make me live in new ones!

Last night I was feeling more anxiety about...stuff. Impending graduation and major life changes with no real direction or clear goals, loneliness, etc. It's not so much rational brooding as it is a sick feeling of apprehension. Talked a bit about it with the parents while we hot tubbed, and it helped some. It's good to know that Dad had no clue what he was going to do when he graduated, and he had a useful degree. And he landed on his feet pretty damn well. After that, a round of CoH, a tiny bit of fic, and [livejournal.com profile] scathachdhu kept me pretty well distracted. Previous to hot tubbing, I watched the end of The Gift (Buffy, not the movie) when I found it on tape. I still cried like a crying thing. Screw you, TWoP, I love that episode and I really liked season 5.

Today at the internship I'm making xml stuff for a training test. Please note: I didn't know xml this morning. I still don't, really, but this is easy. I can do this. This is why I love this internship so much more than the last one--even if I'm not using my brain at full capacity, even if I'm not using my best skills, I'm doing something and that is 100% more.

Slutfic is being written on a daily basis. This is good. I'm proud of us for not dumping this fic after so long, but I really want the damn monkey off my back.

Erm...I think I ran out of things to update. Ah well.


Jun. 6th, 2004 01:04 am
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Worked from 2-close tonight, which ended up being 11:15 or so. We were doing really well with pre-closing stuff to make it faster, but from 8:30 until 10:00, we got our asses kicked. It was a sad thing. Tomorrow I work the same shift.


My feet really hurt now, though the ache has been dulled somewhat by 3 ibuprofen.

My mom is at the bachelorette party of a teacher she works with. I'm going to bed and she's out clubbing. There is a disturbance in the force.

*passes out*
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So, as I noted in an earlier friendslocked post, we bought a house. Well, not so much "we" as my parents...and I guess not so much "my parents" as the bank. It's pretty and large and has a basement and a ginormous hot tub (can you guess what the major selling points were for me?) and is in a nicer neighborhood so I'm defriending all of you peons effective now.

Not really. Anyway, we've had a few people in to see our house--we were thinking of renting it instead of selling it. Easier to find tenant, and it'd be a nice extra source of income. Incidentally, the couple whose house we are buying came to see our house. They already own a plot of land and were going to live in an apartment for a year after selling their house while they built a new house.

You see where this is going, don't you.

Yep; they're going to rent our house. We're switching houses. I really hope everyone else has an idea about how the moving process will go, because I sure don't. All I know is that Mom is already in a packing frenzy, which leads to things like me pointing out that a pot is a useful thing to have, so could we maybe unpack one so I can make spaghetti? Thanks.

Job schna )

In less interesting news, a certain stage in Dynasty Warriors 3 continues to thwart me (only in Musou mode. Damn irony) and I've discovered that the library has an excellent true crime section. WOOT! I swear, if you guys had access to my reading list, you'd really worry about me. The ones that don't already, I mean.

Hm, not much more to say at the moment. I guess I'll go shrivel some souls and destroy people's dreams of being writers, as I am wont to do.
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1) I do not yet have a summer job.
2) I may end up making money at Dairy Queen or Kohl's, or I may end up at an unpaid internship.
3) Therefore I should not drop fifty bucks on a game whose play style I have on two other games.

With the aforementioned points in mind, please explain to me why I shouldn't run out and buy Samurai Warriors.

Also, GIP.
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Well, my contact person finally e-mailed me with her thoughts on the brochure thumbnails I sent her. She better know what she wants, she's had a month to think about it. So now I can finally get to work on this thing, and that means I'm closer to being able to deposit the $500 check I already got. (Actually, right now it's sitting in my parents' account for college. I refuse to touch it until I've earned it.)

What will I spend it on? Eh, it's just going in savings--that's more money towards the hopeful trip to Japan next year. Still, tonight I was re-reading most of usr/bin/w00t and I couldn't help but drool over the many shinies that Illustrator can produce. And it's on sale in the bookstore for $100. We wants it, my precioussss, yes we do...
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So I'm doing a brochure for my hometown's school district. Basically, it's so they can use it on visits to universities and prospective teachers can read it, say "Wow! What a nifty place to work!" and sign contracts. Today I get a call asking me to send an invoice to the school board, because the grant they're paying me with is closing soon and they need to get the money out first. They're confident I will complete the service, because a) I behave professionally and b) my father is the high school principal and would drop-kick my ass if I didn't. I'd been under the impression that they would pay me $300. A very nice chunk of change. Might be minimum wage for brochure production for all I know, but I'm fine with it. Except today I found out that they're not paying me $300. they're paying me $500.

$500. That's half a thousand dollars. For a brochure. By me.

Pardon me while I go GBWUH.

Suddenly I am very, very nervous. I don't feel like I'm worth $500. Deep breaths, deep breaths...


Jul. 1st, 2003 12:33 pm
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Off to a business meeting re: the planning and design of the quarterly newsletter/excellence report/brochure/whatever the hell they decide they want when they get their shit together.

Gawrsh, y'all. I feel so professionalistic.
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As of yesterday, I'm doing better than I thought. Working temp jobs this summer has been good for me in terms of making me less anal about having full-time work every damn day; I don't worry as much now as long as I'm not dipping into my savings account, and some extra free time has been nice. Still, I'm not happy when the money's not coming in. I thought my last day at this place was going to be Sunday, but I had a nice surprise.

Monday, I came in to get my time slip signed and E. asked me to stay another day since new full-time girl wasn't trained, then asked me to come back today as well. Today, I found out that she's getting a promotion and will be staying at her job, so that gives me at least another few days there.

Yesterday I also talked to D., the woman in charge (well, my contact, at least...they don't seem totally certain about what they want) of the brochure I'm being contracted to do for our school district. We talked, and I surprised myself by sounding very professional and knowledgable about how to go about this. (Boy did I fool THEM.) She's looking more for a newsletter-type format, which is fine with me...and it might be a quarterly thing, which would give me extra freelance portfolio-building work during the school year.

Say it with me, folks. WOO.

I've been glad that I'm not graduating next semester because I want to learn more as much as avoid this economy, but as time goes by I'm almost convinced that I won't be completely floundering when I do take my first baby steps into the real world.
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So I am now jobbed. For how long, I don't know. Yesterday, I was on the verge of calling up Chris' mom and asking about a 3-day per week job she knew of and supplementing it with (yech) Dairy Queen. Then, miraculously, I got a call. HUZZAH. Now I'm answering phones at a car dealership from 5-9 M-F. (Possibly some hours Saturday, but if they get a new receptionist to replace the one that was a no-show, I might not even be here that long.) I likes it. I likes it a lot. I'd love to apply for the position, but I think they want someone past the end of the summer. The job? Easy. I answer phones, transfer calls, page people, and...surf the internet and write fic. This computer even has photoshop, though the monitor is far too dark to do anything useful. There's even a popcorn machine for customers/employees to munch on in the showroom, and one of the salespeople looks eerily like my high school tennis coach, so naturally I like her a lot. And it's $10/hour. w00t! The most I've ever made, though it's still less overall since it's part-time. But I can live with that. This is way bettere than Dairy Queen, that's for damn sure.

This weekend will both suck and kinda rock a little. Was going to go to Cordycon and meet the Meggers, but things didn't work out, to make a long story short. BAH, I say. I am very much looking forward to getting Harry Potter at midnight and then getting my drink on with Chris, Rhonda, and Patty the next night, but it will not compare to hanging with the socks. Sniff. I'll be thinking of you guys.

Boy, what a boring entry.
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1) We process (well, not we, I'm just a temp. But I'm the good temp. I show up on time every day and everything.) child support payments and paperwork. OHMYGOD TONS OF PAPERWORK. Anyways. Today I was sorting through crap and some guy wrote in about how some paperwork fuck-up was keeping him from getting out of arrears. Except he phrased it as "...can't get out of the rears."


2) Someone's supported kid is named Angst. Austen Angst. What a cool name.


May. 8th, 2003 03:11 pm
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Well, I'm getting closer and closer to being fucked in terms of job opportunities. To recap:

-Didn't get a job at the video place.
-Old boss from alst summer doesn't need any help.

My options are now: Temp agency or *shudders* Dairy Queen. I know a bunch of you have done the temp thing before, so could you possibly share some insights? I'd much rather work there, but I worry about steady employment. Dairy Queen would suck beyond the telling but I made okay money there.

Sigh. This summer is going to both suck and blow.


Apr. 30th, 2003 12:06 pm
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I hate everyone right now,


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