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Just FYI: don't care what people ship and I don't care if they think my ships are dead wrong. But if you get on your snotty high horse and post something like this

and this

for the sole purpose of stirring up bad feeling and starting fights with people, guess what?


Also, fucking learn to spell "Hueco Mundo," you stupid fucking dickhead.

The same goes for ichiruki fans or fans of any other ship who feeling like behaving like little children, btw. But these are the examples of douchenozzlery I was linked to today, and thus I rant about them.

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Maybe I'm just grouchy because I've only had a single pop tart to eat today yet I cannot eat more, but I saw another "Ichigo and Rukia can't be together so Ichigo marries Orihime" fic and just lost it. In the sense that sitting quietly at my desk while sipping Coke and making annoyed faces is losing it. Nothing against the writer-from my bleary-eyed skim, the writing itself wasn't especially hideous or anything. It was just one fic too many with this plot. Why does this always have to happen?

Seriously, this plot point is birthed in those annoying "Will Ichigo choose Orihime or Rukia?" message board threads that always make me want to shout "NEITHER!" despite the fact that I do ship Ichigo/Rukia. Yeah, it might be hard for Ichigo to find someone who could really understand his freakish lifestyle outside of his circle of friends, but that doesn't mean he HAS to get with one or the other. There are other people. It's not a zero-sum game. There is life beyond high school, even for shonen superheroes. Why can't he meet other women? And why does he HAVE to settle at all? Frankly, it makes him kind of a jackass to commit to someone when his heart isn't in it.

For that matter, it's kind of a diss to Orihime to assume she's so desperate for Kurosaki-kun that she'd take him even if she knows damn well he's really still in love with Rukia. Yeah, she's got some self-esteem issues, but that doesn't mean she'll pathetically pick up someone else's scraps. The fact that they're the scraps of Rukia, who Orihime has admired and envied and felt not as good as for a while, just makes it worse.

Really, these fics make me want to shout "YOU ALL SUCK" at everyone involved. And then I feel a little silly because hey, fictional characters. But still. Yeesh.
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I know that sometimes it feels like fandom ceases to be a collection of different people with different opinions about a common interest, and becomes more like some kind of hive mind groupthink place. If that's true, then the hive mind of Bleach is a kid with obsessive-compulsive drawers who meticulously labels every drawer in his kitchen, each of which contains special holders for whatever utensils or other items go inside. In Bleach fandom, there is no such thing as a drawer labeled "Misc."

This is entirely my personal view and not something I would try to enforce upon fandom, but here's a little guide I've made just now to answer the question of whether you should start a new community for the pairing you just love.

1. Do you like this pairing?
2. Do other people like this pairing?
3. More than ten?
4. Are they all on your friends list?
5. Does this community offer anything that cannot already be found easily elsewhere?
6. Are you aware that creating a comm will not in fact drastically increase fic or art output?
7. Hit yourself in the head with a shovel.
8. Do you still want to make the community?
9. Make the community.

For the sharp-eyed Bleachfen on my flist, yes, this was prompted by the brand-spankin' new [livejournal.com profile] bya_ulqui community, but I have nothing against the pairing in particular and I bear no ill will when it comes to the mods. I am just so fucking tired of Bleach fandom's need to divide as if on a cellular level. Pairing comms for the more popular pairings make sense. They're always in business, and people who don't like them would probably get annoyed by all the traffic. They even make sense for pairings that are low traffic but still keep chugging instead of going dormant.

But seriously, why make a new comm instead of using the ones we have? Did [livejournal.com profile] asterisk_plus and [livejournal.com profile] bleach_yaoi and hell, even [livejournal.com profile] bleach_het suddenly turn invisible? Especially when it comes to pairings of characters that haven't even met or don't already have crack-loving fans. Nine and a half times out of ten, having a comm for a certain pairing isn't going to prompt new stuff for the pairing. They almost always end up with a small flurry of activity and then die.

It doesn't bring fans together. It's more likely to divide the fandom because once a pairing comm exists, people start feeling like that's the place where everything for that pairing should go-so either the audience is drastically reduced because it's a crack comm, or they just crosspost it-which makes the pairing comm redundant.

What happened to communities bringing fandom together instead of spreading it out?
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I was all set to conserve my Bleach fangirling to a couple of posts a week (besides fic over at [livejournal.com profile] herdedcats, cough cough go look and friend) but despite early spoilers, the raw is not out yet (though the Chinese watermarked one is, eeeh) so fuck it, I am gonna leave the latest chapter spazzing for another post. So! Here's another post I've been wanting to make. It is maybe not bitchy enough to be a rant. Call it an anti-spaz.

Okay. I am gonna lay out my controversial position here. Are you ready?

I really fucking hate the term "nakama." For the uneducated, it means something like friends, but stronger than that--teammates, or comrades, the latter of which is my preferred translation most of the time, at least how they've been using lately. For some time now, translation group M7 has been leaving it untranslated, and it's spread through the fandom like a virus.

The rationale is supposedly that there's no specific English words that directly translates it, so they leave it with asterisks and footnotes. And I fucking hate it. I HATE IT SO MUCH.

There are a LOT of Japanese words that don't have direct English counterparts, and I'm not talking about honorifics or distinctly Japanese terms--I'm pretty fine with leaving those. I mean just common, everyday parts of speech--Japanese and English are very different languages, so YEAH there are going to be many words that are not going to match exactly.

But you know what? That's why we have a little thing called context. Sure, "nakama" means more than just an average school friendship. But that's obvious from the way Tatsuki uses the word when she's yelling at Ichigo, for example. It's obvious that Ulquiorra is not referring to "pals" when he refers to Ichigo's nakama in the current arc. I mean--we don't NEED this foreign word like it magically is more clear than using context and the many, many words English has for types of friends. Hell, the first time a reader sees it used in a scanlation, they're going to have to look at a footnote to understand WTF it means anyway! How is that better?

It's not like the word is so very special anyway. Orihime used it way back in SS arc, when they were waiting on Sokyoku Hill. "Rukia is not just a nakama." Except the word wasn't untranslated back then--it was just "Rukia is not just a friend." And you know what? No one had trouble understanding what Orihime was talking about because the sentenced lacked this magical fucking word.

It's just not necessary. I consider it only marginally better than inserting random Japanese like the fangirls do in bad fics. "I'd love to go to the movies with you demo I have homework to do!" JUST USE THE REAL WORD, OKAY. It drives me up a damn wall.

Clarity of language is a good thing. I'm not saying we shouldn't use any Japanese in English translations, but there's keeping the flavor of the source language and culture, and then there's just pointless pandering. I believe the use of "nakama" falls into the latter category.
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Yeah, I know, this meme was in fashion a year ago or something--but I could never think of ten together. I'd think of two or three at a time but never write them down. Lately, though, fandom has been so insane (I'm looking at you, scary HP fen) that it's inspired a few things in me. Yay?

Some of these might not seem that unpopular, since fandom has such a diversity of opinion that there's a segment of support for anything. So this could also be my 10 Not Universally Agreed Upon Opinions. Read more... )
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Can I call for a moratorium on all music-related names for the self-insertions OCs? Okay? Thanks.

Staccato. Christ.
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Word. I have nothing against mocking badfic, but a lot of people take it way, waaaaaay too seriously.
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OMFG, people, the originals have been out for decades, STOP BITCHING!

Wait, on the other hand, don't, for I am much amused.
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"Arts" is not a word. Well, okay, it is when talking about the arts in general, but not in the "I make arts" sense. Therefore, fanarts is also not a word. You do not make fanarts. Rrrrrgh. Head asplode.

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Okay y'all, this has got to stop. Cleaning supplies used to be good and decent--they represented America! And the sponge was corrupted by those tree-killing baby-hugging liberals (or does it go the other way?). It was used to prevent innocent babies from being born! We all know that every sperm is sacred--every little swimmer it steered by the SOUL of an infant; and infant who gets trapped in the tangles of the sponge, never to be conceived!

And now? Now! A sponge is supporting those homersexuals, the ones who are ruining the educational system and single-handedly causing marriage licenses to burst into flame by their very presence! And those godless animators are using the evil sponge to promote their agenda of sin! I bet they've been influenced by the Japanese devils. Everyone knows they glorify pornography over there--some of it involves gays, too!

I say this stops today! Reject the spawn of Satan, the icon of youthful seduction! DOWN WITH SPONGEBOB!

This tongue-in-cheek rant was written for [livejournal.com profile] fadingembers
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There is a difference between "not politically correct" and fucking rude.
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Dear bad Knives x Meryl writers,

Knives being a psychotic killer and hating her species is not something that Meryl can overlook and love him in spite of it. It's just something that will make her not love him. No, not even if he thinks she's an okay human. I mean, really. "I think all black people are inferior and need to die. Oh, I didn't mean you." Substitute "black" with "human". Could you love someone like this? Also, come up with better reasons for Meryl to switch her affections from Vash to Knives. People aren't totally bound to "their type" of love interest, but you'd think being all in love with someone and then switching to someone who's everything the first one isn't would create a bigger stir. Think harder.

On the other hand, don't. Just write about them having loveless yet really hot sex. That's about the closest you're going to get to in-character.



Hem hem.

Jan. 9th, 2005 12:51 am
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I was going to buy the new Phoenix mini because, hey. It's the Phoenix. I like the Phoenix. It might bring Jean back for real by the end, though I'm not holding my breath.

Then I read the Mile High Comics full preview for issue #2 and The Rage returned. (Scott, how about admitting you think about your wife because YOU LOVED HER and not because "we didn't get a chance to say goodbye"?) Do NOT get me started on how he "chose [her], Emma." It's going to take a while to clean up the projectile vomit as it is.

I may have to rethink this.
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A brief pointer on what's good to put in an ffnet review and what makes you look like an ass.

Rar. )
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I knew I was going to get pissed when I read this headline in the editorials section of today's BG News: "Video games are a detriment to society." Lo and behold, I was right! Quoth the article, which can also be found here: Read more... )

Lovely, huh? It prompted me to send a letter in response. Only the God Squad's obsessive, daily articles about how we're all going to Hell if we don't accept Jesus into our hearts pushed me this close, and in the end I didn't bother because it might prompt more obsessive, daily articles. (Note that I am not anti-religion. I'm sort of paddling in the waters of faith myself. But enough is enough, people, we get the idea.) My letter as follows:

I am writing in response to Megan Schmidt’s Wednesday opinion column, “Video games are a detriment to society”. Gosh, Megan, over-generalize much? She does have a single good point in her article: “When [playing video games] interferes with a child/college student/mysteriously unemployed person’s ability to function or accomplish things away from the television set, then we have a problem.” Sure, this is a problem—but it would be just as true if you replaced “playing video games” with “watching movies” or “surfing the internet” or even “reading books”, which is one of Megan’s suggestions.

The fact of the matter is that any behavior or hobby taken to excess will lead to problems. Video games are no more likely to lead to obsession than any other hobby. I could be wrong—it could be just a fluke that I’m both an honors student and a gamer and (gasp) a girl, but somehow I doubt it. I’ve known plenty of gamers and plenty of non-gamers, and guess what? Lazy people fit into both categories.

It’s fine that you don’t like video games, Megan. It’s fine that you would restrict your children’s access to games; I absolutely agree that children should do more things than play video games. But don’t assume that video games are the root of laziness and lack of social interaction, either; it’s simply not true.

I really hope they publish it. Bullshit like this needs to be kicked in the head. And Megan, if you should ever happen to stumble across my humble little lj entry? Blow me.
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...but is it just me, or should Vash be a little more pissed at Knives for all the shit he's pulled? Even granting the assessment that it's perfectly normal for the twins to be fucking each other (and for me, that's a biiiig stretch) you wouldn't think he'd just forgive him like that. I mean, if my lover killed a whole bunch of people to win my love, I wouldn't just reward them with sex. I'd at least knock them around a little bit.

Then again, maybe I am just not properly appreciative of the subtle mechanics of twincest yaoi.

Then again again, this is the fic that included the phrase "Knives, did you know your ass is bleeding?" so perhaps I'm giving it too much credit.



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