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Okay. I only have one drive on my computer, the C drive. When I open the My Computer window, it says I have 12 gigs of space free out of 149 on the drive. But when I go into C, select EVERYTHING and look at properties, it says the whole thing is only 50 gigs full. Yeah, I have some stuff on the desktop, but not THAT much. WTF? I need to clear 15 to install this WoW upgrade and I'm not sure what the hell else I can get rid of without clearing out all my mp3s. Which isn't going to happen.

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Tonight I ran two miles for the first time! I've been doing the Couch-to-5k program and this was the forst stage where I ran a significant distance with no periods of fast-walking. Went faster than usual, too-I usually have it set at 5 but I got up to 5.5 tonight. (I don't know if that's MPH or just an arbitrarily numbered setting on the gym treadmill.) I feel really good about myself! I did the initial stages way more than the plan suggests, but that's the cool thing-you can move up to the next bit whenever you feel ready, and you're still building endurance the whole time. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to trim down or just get more fit, and I am not a natural runner.

BTW, some of the comments to this post came after I was home and netless for about another 24 hours, but I wanted to update those who were kind enough to try and help or just sympathize. I don't know exactly what landlord did to fix it, although I told him to just try resetting the router-I was away all day on Saturday and it was on when I came home, so I'm guessing that's what he did and that's what worked. So it wasn't me. SO THERE.

Let's hope it doesn't cack out for a while now. I get the shakes when cut off from the Intertubes for too long.
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So yesterday morning I was surfing the net a little and everything was fine. I came home, woke the computer up and suddenly it can't connect to the wireless network. It sees the network, but claims limited/no connectivity; if you look at the status of the connection, packets aren't being sent or received. If I try to disconnect and manually reconnect to the network, it's always a failed connection, then it goes back to the limited/no connectivity thing. (In terms of icons, this gives me the regular "you're connected" icon with a little yellow "HO SHIT, NO YOU'RE NOT" thing on top of it, as opposed to the grayed-out icon of when you're truly not connected to any network.)

I called my landlord (who lives upstairs) and as of this morning, the network's been working fine for him. He suggested the problem is with my computer, but I really doubt that, considering no changes were made to my computer (I mean, it was sleeping all day) and this sort of thing has happened before.

I suggested he reset the router to see if that helps and call the cable company if it doesn't, but you guys tell me for peace of mind—is there anything else I can try on my end? I'm running Vista Ultimate, which normally doesn't act hinky or anything.

It was actually sort of nice to have a peaceful evening of cleaning and reading instead of doing computery thing, but I'm going to have to cut a bitch if this bullshit continues through the weekend.

ETA: I forgot to mention it, but while I didn't think to cross-check last night, every other time this has happened, my old XP desktop has been unable to connect either.
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My new computer arrived.

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I need to get a new computer. Here is my dilemma:

-I don't really want to get a laptop as my primary computer because I find them too squished together for desktop use, and I have a nice LCD monitor I want to continue to use.
-I like Macs but they are effin' expensive, and $1000 minimum is really more than I can justify. I have never in my life taken on credit card debt I couldn't pay off at the end of the month and I'm not going to start now.
-So I could buy a PC but there's the issue of Vista. Fucking Vista. I don't want Vista, and even if I get a computer with XP on it or install XP over Vista, in time, Vista's gonna be the way of things and I am not enthused about that.
-Linux. Let's just say "NO" and leave it at that. Besides, I don't have any pirated Photoshop for Linux.

So this leaves me in a position of...NOTHING is suitable, so I sit spinning my wheels and using the old computer. Which sort of sucks since the secondary hard drive died in, like, February.

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...I think my secondary hard drive just died.

This is not as bad as it sounds. It's the drive that was originally the primary for this computer until a couple of years ago, when it was having some issues and [livejournal.com profile] dialogue's daddy made it the secondary slave drive. Since yesterday, it's been a bit freeze-y, and now whenever I try and explore the files on that drive, it's all "lulz, you wanna format this drive? :D" Annoying, but I think all I had on that drive that I don't have on the main one were some video files.

Regardless, I think I'll head to the mall tomorrow. I've been wanting to get an external drive for rewritable, larger-scale backups for a while now, and it seems now is the time. But this makes me think I should also be looking at a new computer entirely. Not that I'm gonna run out and do that next week, but this one will be 6 in the spring, and I'd wanted to upgrade. (Y'all, it actually has a floppy drive. How quaint! I don't know if I've ever used it, mind you, but still.)

So I ask you, LJ--what's the best way to go about investigating a new computer? I have some specifics in mind. As much as I would love the convenience of a laptop, I log more hours on the computer at home, and a laptop feels very cramped to me. A nice shiny mac is likewise tempting, and I am not entirely ruling it out, but the gamer dork in me wants to stick with PC so I can get back to playing City of Heroes/Villains one of these days. I already have a swank monitor and related peripherals, so I don't need some pre-made package of everything put together, but I am also not even close to being familiar enough with a computer's guts to buy parts and build my own.

So where are the best places to investigate? Any recommendations/warnings? I know I'm NOT getting a Dell. Hahaha no. Other than that...not sure. I have $800 coming to me from some freelance work plus my $600 security deposit from the last apartment floating around. Obviously I want to sock as much of that into savings as I can, but I've got some wiggle room now that the car is paid for, painful as that was.

Give me thoughts? I give you kisses.


Oct. 9th, 2006 05:18 pm
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So, uh, computer peeps...my fan (pretty sure it's the fan; it's coming from the back where the fan is and when I stuck my ear up against the middle of the computer, where the drives are, I didn't hear anything) is sounding a bit labored. A bit...whirrier? Not too much, but I am paranoid and don't want to wait for something to break. Is there something I can/should do about this? Clean out the guts with compressed air or something? (I am sure it is pretty damn dusty in there. It's been a couple years since I opened it up and it was quite dusty then.) Or am I just being paranoid? Everything on the computer is running fine. (SO FAR. Backed up the important stuff anyway.)

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My network is being a pain. Suddenly it started doing that thing where, if you look at the network activity, it's sending packets of info but not really receiving. A installed a Windows update shortly before it happened, but I don't think the problem is in my computer, because I can still get online by connecting to the unsecured upstairs network ([livejournal.com profile] fadingembers, don't tell!)

My WLAN and Status lights on the router are blinking, and the Power and WAN lights are steady. (Well, WAN is flickering very rapidly, but I think it's what it looks like when steady.) Any idea what this could be and how I could fix it without calling Comcast tech support? The account isn't even in my name, it's my roommate's, so I'd rather avoid the hassle if possible. Bah.
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So I totally doused my keyboard with milk after breakfast. I wiped it off and it didn't seem dead, but there's still kind of...milk down in the tray, in the keys. Is there a good, safe way to clean this (because ew, rancid milk is freaknasty) or should I just hit Circuit City at the mall over lunch?
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Back when I had to install a new hard drive and slave the wonky drive to it and had to reinstall lotsa stuff, my DVD drive stopped recognizing anything was inside it whenever I popped something in. I'm guessing I need to install drivers or something to wake it up, but I don't know specifically what. James? Other smart people? Any suggestions?


Feb. 25th, 2005 12:58 am
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Pooter is mostly better. We ended up installing the Christmas hard drive and slaving the bad one to it, and it seems that I can indeed access the files on the old one--I just have to reinstall everything. A drag, but better than losing all the files.

Man, I need to get Mask of Zorro and Ever After on DVD. Surely they're cheap by now. TBS, you gots good taste in movies.
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My computer is hosed for the moment. There's evidence that it could be a RAM problem, but I don't know for sure yet, and it could be very easy or very expensive to fix. We'll see. [livejournal.com profile] dialogue's generous father is going to help me check it out tomorrow, since on my own I'd crack the case and then scratch my ass and say "yep, them's the guts of a computer all right."

I sound very calm about this. This is because I waited until I was done crying to post.

My brother is being a huge help about this, as much as he can be from Texas. He's looking out for me re: the parents and has looked up various replacement possibilities. I said he was being the big brother looking out for me to make up for all the time he spent being a dick when we were little.

I have the laptop from work, but until this gets fixed my internet access in the evenings will depend on the wireless network I leech use, and it's not always available lately, so...time will tell.

Shit, I better be storing up some GOOD karma because of this.


Feb. 22nd, 2005 06:23 pm
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This is happening again, and though installing the Windows updates helped for a day, I'm all outta updates. Virus and spyware checks turn up nothing. If any of you has the time and inclination, PLEASE help me with this. I will be eternally grateful.
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1) [livejournal.com profile] uncountedchimes, how do you Photoshop that comic book-looking effect you have in a couple of your icons? I need a minor Photoshop trick for tomorrow and nothing cool I know on my own is really anything people won't know already.


Okay. So that wasn't really a question. I think I get a pass because my computer is being a hosebag.
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Can anyone tell me why Internet Explorer has suddenly decided to error every time I start it? I keep getting the "not responding" thing and it shuts down. And Semagic's doing the same thing! God knows what other program might. I wasn't even DOING anything at the time it started, just playing City of Heroes! I beg you guys, PLEASE help me figure out wtf to do about this.


Feb. 1st, 2005 11:56 pm
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Time to go.

Apr. 7th, 2003 12:18 pm
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I'm installing XP now. See you all on the other side.

Oh shut up. I am not being too dramatic. Wiping a hard drive is scary.
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Empty your temporary internet files folder more often. Yeowch.
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Dad and I went back to the computer store and the wonderful, wonderful Kevin installed a new disk drive and cd-burner (this one is faster! hee!) and they WORK! Seiya-chan is WHOLE ONCE MORE!

So, what shall I burn first?

*giggles maniacally*


Dec. 11th, 2001 12:23 pm
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I seem so have accidentally uninstalled my sound card or something. And of course I have no idea what to do or even what exactly I can to do fix it and no one's around who knows anything. GAAAAAH!


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