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Last time we left our heroes, they were really, really jet-lagged.

Day 2: Harajuku )
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So I went to Japan.

I've been holding off from posting more than one-offs because I wanted to talk about the awesomest vacation of my life first, but I'm not sure what to say now! Maybe just that I had a wonderful time with [livejournal.com profile] utenatai, [livejournal.com profile] fanartist and [livejournal.com profile] elhermano, who was as cool as advertised. I'm not sorry I spent all that money and got laid off halfway through--I'm glad, because who knows when I'd have the next chance?

In some ways, Japan is nothing like what anime prepares you for. In others, it's exactly the same. My first bleary-eyed impression on the train from Narita to Tokyo was "the landscape looks just like Katamari Damacy."

I took a ton of pictures, so I'm gonna break the trip recap into a few posts. The italicized commentary is from a mini-trip log I kept for the first half of the trip. Kinda gave up after that due to busy-ness (or possibly being laid off and not wanting to write that.) Took enough pictures to make up for it, though.

So! Let's get this party started.

Day 1: Plane )

Day 1.5: Katsutaro )
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But I had to spread it further because it makes me laugh/cringe in horror every time I look at it:

My God, that poor fucking dog.


Jun. 9th, 2006 11:21 pm
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This here is a post about the Bleach merch I have. Because you're all so interested in blurry pics. STUFF )
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Today I took my last few paychecks and basically threw them to the wind--that is, I bought a digital camera (and a Rewards membership, and a good-sized memory card) from Best Buy. This camera, to be specific. IT'S SO SHINY. <3 <3 <3 Not much to photograph at this hour, but I also got a haircut today, so I decided to show it off. The stylist used a flat iron; my hair hasn't been this straight since, oh, second grade. I like it! So does Dad--he kept saying how good he thought it looked, and he's not normally one to comment much on hair changes, so I felt all speshul. So here are some digital pictures of my shiny straight hair and my new room.

This way to the pictchars )
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I finally added something to my DeviantArt account, which I only created in the first place so I could snark on a silly bint. Just two pictures there now, but I'd like to add some more that aren't scanned yet. And OMG I WANT A DIGITAL CAMERA SO MUCH *TEAR*.

And...damn, I got my first comment. That was fast. Does DA have a Just In page or sth? Have no explored enough yet to know. Hmm.
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Random fact: using the pen tool with a laptop's touchpad is muy difficult.

Meryl walking on water at sunset. OMG SHE IS JESUS! )
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We were instructed to do a propaganda shot and add whatever text and such that we needed. In other words, pick a cause we cared about and do something persuasive with it. I cared about working on my final photograph project, so I worked on that all weekend and didn't get to this assignment until I got back to school. Outside the art building, there's this gigantic "sculpture" which is basically just thousands of pop cans in a chicken wire frame that somewhat resembles a pop can itself. It looks stupid. I decided to honor the "sculptor" of the piece by taking a picture of it and using it to further the wonderful cause of recycling. )
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Just a picture I took for an assignment tonight. )

More picas

Mar. 8th, 2002 12:56 am
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Got another roll back today. Fun all around.

This is not my beautiful house... )
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...in this pic. *g* Hey, I'll be arrogant if I want to, it is a very rare thing when I have a cute picture of myself. I'm just not that photogenic. A double chin always crops out of nowhere and I know damn well I don't have one in real life.

Anyways, I got a bunch of really cute pictures back yesterday and I felt like scanning and sharing them. Some date back to the end of last school year, but most are from this one.

more peekatures )


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