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I'm 28. My brother is 32. Our favorite Christmas presents?

The Zhu ZHu Pets my mom got us. (Somehow. She didn't even know they were in-demand until afterward. She's a savant of gift-buying.) These will keep me amused for hours.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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The important part of Christmas isn't gifts, or materialism, or candy or whatever. The important part of Christmas is that I just kicked the crap out of my mom at Scrabble, 324-173. This is on top of my momentous victory over both of my parents the other day. W00t!

Anyway, even though the spirit of Christmas isn't presents, that's what I'm going to share now. I got TOOLS for Christmas! Dad and Mom got me a plastic toolbox (which could probably also hold quite a few sewing supplies) and a bunch of wrapped tools inside of it. I'm delighted. These will be useful for when I move to my own place, and hee, I've already used the box cutter (to cut up the box Dad's lamp came in) and the screwdriver (to open the boxcutter to get the blades). Plus, as I said to Dad, "Hooray for going against traditionalo gender roles!" They also gave me a lovely comfy purple shirt & pants loungewear set as well as the pink lacy top I drooled over at Lerner & Co. over Thanksgiving break. In my stocking was a set of combs, these plastic things you put on your toothpaste to squeeze it all to the top so you don't waste anything, and a cutey-cutey frog-shaped clutch/portable jewelry carrier. Sounds like mostly practical gifts? Well, yes, though that's not a bad thing. I was very surprised when the heavy box turned out not to be a piece of furniture to put together with the tools, but...a 17" LCD monitor. ^___________^ Much squeeing commenced. Hooray! I will no longer be in danger of being crushed by my ginmorous heavy monitor!

All in all it was a low-key Christmas, the first without the party at Grandma's & Grandpa's in Fremont. I think Mom enjoyed the relaxation rather than spent time missing them because of it. All I've done today is play FFIX, nap, hot tub, eat dinner/watch American Justice, and earn the aforementioned Glorious Victory in Scrabble. And it's a good thing.
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I called my dad earlier to ask him when this weekend he and Mom will come to help me move my crap home. He answered, and I knew immediately he didn't sound right. When he said he just wanted to let me know he loved me, I REALLY knew.

"Who died?" I asked.
"We had a car accident here last night. A student was killed. One was life-flighted, but it looks like he'll be okay."

Jesus, what is it about this time of year? I should add that aside from my grandparents and my dog, my hometown has also lost a teacher, a middle school student, and my dad's secretary's mother (though that was probably not of much concern to the town at large). And now this. Damn. I suppose this is why I want to go home for the summer, even facing the possibility of job crappiness, instead of taking some classes here. I want to be with my family, to heal a bit. This will be my last summer at home if all goes well after I graduate.

I never did write about my grandmother's funeral. It was all right. I was dreading it as I drove there, almost crying when I got to the funeral home (Dad's craptastic directions did not help) but things got much easier once I was with family, and just like last time, the funeral was easier. I also got to hear a really funny story at the wake involving my cousin, a baby monitor, and a near-moment between grandparents that no one wants to hear.

The bouquet of flowers on the casket was lovely. A pink rose, carnation, and some baby's breath are in a cup on my kitchen table, though they're probably well wilted by now. I knew Grandma and Grandpa were being buried next to each other, so I asked Mom exactly where Grandpa's grave. Apparently, as she and her four sisters sat by the casket, they were on top of him.

He would've thought that was funny as hell.

For such a somber entry, I'm doing fine. My first actual final is tomorrow. Chuck has told me that it's a good one, so that means I should bring lube to class. You can kind of see my floor now, which is an improvement from recent weeks. [livejournal.com profile] rashaka, I haven't forgotten your Cowboy Bebop--I just need to find the last CD, which is being stubborn and hiding from me. And we sent the first chapter of slutfic out for beta, so that is progress.

Baby steps. They're a good thing.
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This post is a month late in coming, but I still wanted to write about it. Cut for length and depressing-ness )Please don't feel the need to respond to this post with sympathy. I just wanted to write it down, not to get attention from people, but because I want to remember. All the support you guys gave me when this stuff was happening was very much appreciated. I'm doing quite well now, after an emotionally shitty few weeks. Heck, I got to see three hours of LOTR-boy prettiness last night, and that's quite a mood booster. :D I'm all right.
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Baseball game tonight for our annual work outing. (Last year was the zoo.) Toledo Mudhens vs. Durham Bulls. omg w00t!

Tomorrow morning heading back home for Easter. There will be lots and lots of ham, I am told. I can also finally get my PS2 that I left at home from spring break. Sniff. I missed you, baby.

Will not get to tour the new house that we were possibly going to move into. We were under contract until the end of April to buy it if we could sell our house. But another bidder with no strings came along. We had 48 hours to sell ours and say "No, we'll take it" but alas, that did not happen. Sigh. I was only out there once but I liked it a lot. I would have liked to have live there--my room was big, and head a nifty alcove. But there will be another nice house, I'm sure.

First Easter since no one's come home with me. Tear. (Not that you guys should feel bad--these things happen.) It'll be a shorter weekend anyway. And next weekend is Animarathon--OMG FEAR. I really, really hope it goes well. I have jitters about not enough people coming or it spinning out of organization and the guests thinking we are teh s ukc. (Yes, we have actual guests. Amazing. Not like Wendee Lee, but still. More fear!)

There will be fic, too. Misconception ch. 4 is being edited and slutfic is making great strides. So, yayness.

Hmm. No more for now.


Sep. 19th, 2003 11:10 pm
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Home again. Hopefully back tomorrow night, as there's only so much I can do here and hundreds of ways to waste time back in BG. Had a nice evening with the parents, Carole, and Marc, who is shortly to leave for Texas. This...kinda sucks, but will be good for them in the long run. I don't want my brother in Texas, though. Maggie is still the damn cutest thing EVAR to prance around on four legs.

Drive home was boring. Pondered writing long-ish "here's my history with the fuckwit and here's why people need to fucking stop acting like 2-year deceptions `just happen somehow' and let people freaking take responsibility for themselves--partly because I've never really written it all down and some people might possibly be curious (also I just like having things written down) and partly because [livejournal.com profile] kiri was intrigued. Love Kiri. Must visit MA and hump her leg sometime. May or may not write actual post, as it makes self pissy and am currently enjoying v. mellow mood, as exhibited in overly-pretentious third-person writing style. Damn.

Tomorrow, we women shall shop for clothes and comic books (dammit, I get to pick a store and I want to know what the hell happens in Fables. Snow White x Bigby Wolf OTP!!!!). Then will return home to watch Bowling Green/OSU game. For once am actually interested in watching football on TV. Go Falcons! Want v. much to win and be on the cover of Sports Illustrated or something. Not me personally.

Talked more with the family about visiting Japan next year. [livejournal.com profile] greyvorfeed, we must babble and discuss, as family is actively encouraging. Go figure. Will not complain.

Wonder why I feel like cross between Bridget Jones and any character from the LOTR Very Secret Diaries. Renee Zellweiger x Viggo Mortensen OTP? Nah. Does not bear considering.

Looks like pizza + mountain dew = weird posty things from me. Woo.
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Though I only needed one--I am root canaled and pain-free! And with an unneeded prescription for Dervoset or something. Anyone want it? ;)

I'd like to say that root canals are nowhere near as bad as my imagination and pictures on Google image search led me to believe. I'd like to say that, but it'd be a lie--OH GOD, THE PAIN. WILL IT NEVER END?

Not really. The root canal itself was fine--I knew the novocaine was working when Dr. Foster, God bless his comforting, not-laughing-at-me-bringing-my-mom-along self (she read Harry Potter in the corner), asked if I could feel "this" and I was like, feel what? But getting the novocaine in? Holy shit, I didn't KNOW needles could go that far into the gums. I swore they were going to poke out the other side. I practically broke my own hands clenching them together. Wasn't expecting three injections, either. I was proud of myself, though--I didn't whimper once. Apparently the upper jaw injections are worse than the lower, so...uh...lucky me, I guess, it can't get worse if I ever have to have another one.

Notable exchanges:

Me: *coughs*
Dr. Foster: Oh, sorry about the smoke there.
Me: HMMURGH? [translation: SMOKE?]

Dr. Foster [to assistant]: See, it's almost totally necrotic.
Me: [thinking] What a great band name.

The smell of enamel being ground into powder as the drill goes in is really, really disgusting.

I kept my eyes closed for most of the time--mostly out of boredom, as I really couldn't see anything anyway, though they provided me with stylin' green sunglasses thingies since I'd be facing the overhead light for so long--but when I opened them at one point, I saw a veritable pincushion of drills. Eek.

So today I'm all good and I have my very first filling. (That's the irony of this whole thing--I take good care of my teeth. They are naturally healthy teeth. I have never had a cavity or anything necessitating dental work beyond check-ups, other than needing braces.) And I'm kind of proud of having a vampire tooth.

And now for a truly uninteresting Angie's Dog anecdote. Last night we were watching CSI or something when we hear this bang, and then whimpering that sounds like Spencer is inside the house. "WTF?" say I. Turns out someone was setting off firecrackers outside and Spencer, being terrified if loud noises like firecrackers and thunder, leaned his front paws against the house and poked out the cardboard panel that we had taped in the window beside the A/C unit to keep bugs out. (Window is wider than the unit.) It was a "had to be there" moment, but I must say I found him whimpering and poking his head inside quite hysterical. We took a picture. We are bad Dog Parents, humiliating our baby. So he came in and slept with me, and it was all good until his panting beside my head woke me up at 5 and 7 in the morning. Shut up, dog, I will give you attention AFTER I'm awake.

Today is the 4th of July. I don't really have it in me to write a long, introspective post on what the freedom my country offers means to me (for the record, I appreciate it) so I'll just say this: I'm glad that I have the right to vote Dubya's ass out of office come election time.
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We slept in until ten for starters, which is always good. I awoke to the sound of jingle bells and the voice of Santa Claus, who sounded a lot like my mother doing a fake bass voice. As thrilling as the stay-up-all-night, wake-up-at-five-AM childhood response Christmas was, these days I enjoy a good lie-in just as much. The presents will still be under the tree unless someone lets Spencer in and he retrieves the hell out of them.

Marc and Carole came last night and we had the first real Christmas dinner I can remember in ages. Turkey, potatoes...pretty much just like Thanksgiving. Usually it's just whatever we can scrounge together. We went to the 10:00 PM service at Dad's church last night. I was thinking today how for us at least, Christmas Eve is the holy day, the day we remember what the holiday is about, strictly speaking...and Christmas Day is just all about family and enjoying one another's company. Today was actually the first Christmas of my life that we didn't go to the family party (Mom's side) afterwards, and I'm okay with that. In recent years, as the cousins grow up and spread out with their own families, not as many people come and...I don't know, last year I just remember thinking it wasn't much fun. Mom's been sick anyway, so it was better for her, but I liked being able to just relax with the family and spend time with Marc and Carole. I got her to try DDR and I think she's addicted. Bwahaha! Score another one for the good guys!

Anyways, things found under the tree:

* From Carole and Marc, an adorable framed picture of the wedding party at an ice cream shop we went to and a tiered candle holder. Heh. I wonder if I need to put the fire department on speed dial now.
*The 2003 Mr. Winkle calendar! Not that I was there when Mom bought it and knew it was coming or anything. Hee, like the Power Puff Girls, that dog initially frightened me with it's freakish cuteness and now makes me coo.
*Two pretty sweaters in a box the exact size of a PS2. Evil.
*The Power Puff Girls movie on DVD...which I already got from Val. Heh. D'oh me for not thinking to take it off my list. Ah well, we're going back to Best Buy to exchange it. I'm thinking perhaps Utena, and using my book money from school for the LOTR special boxed set. Pretty men and cuteness, what else does one truly need?

Now that Christmas is over I'm all, sigh. Must I really wait two whole weeks to see Val and Becky and Angii and Grey again? WILL THIS PAIN NEVER END? But then we have to go back to school right after, which is ugh. But then I get to start a new money and get paid for working with Val, which is cool as long as we don't kill each other.

Hmm...I seem to have drifted away from this entry. Christmas: good. Ohayocon: also good. I hope everyone had a good Christmas/good Wednesday also.
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Today is (was) Christmas Eve and I managed to set the kitchen on fire. Go me! Actually, I accidentally set the newspaper on fire when I sat down to read it at the kitchen table. On top of the kitchen table was one of Mom's scented candles. Later, Dad set the tablecloth on fire when he flipped it up onto the table for some reason. I don't know why. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's my family. I'm so proud. We did get candles at the service at Dad's church and managed not to light anything up there, so I'm satisfied.

It's snowing tonight. Pretty hard, actually. You can hear it hitting the ground. Definitely not stuff I'd want to drive in, but it's made for a fresh white Christmas rather than a "three days old slightly muddy wet" white Christmas, so I like it anyway. Marc, Carole and Maggie (the dog) are here and there is much cider to partake of. So, I'm pretty content right now.

Merry Christmas to all of you. *sends out smoochies to all*
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The turkey was good. Mmm turkey. As was the pie, though I feel slightly betrayed by the fact that it was cool whip and not real whipped cream. Grandma came over, and...she's doing much better than my other grandmother, who no longer recognizes me, but she's also gaining a lot of weight because of water retention and generally becoming more...I don't know if there's a word. I'm glad she lives here so she can be with us fairly often.

Tomorrow I work the set-up shift at Mid-Ohio Con from 3-9. Ugh, I hope it doesn't take that long. (Eric, remember our fun weekend of kickassedness and capitalism last year? I will totally miss you this year, it just won't be the same.) Really not looking forward to driving to Easton on Bigass Shopping Day, but hopefully I can park at the hotel...I don't mind the crowds, in fact it makes me think of shopping as a competitive sport, which is kind of fun, but parking annoyances just chap my ass.

And am enjoying the vacation. My mom loves Thanksgiving because you get to be lazy the whole holiday and I agree. I keep having moments of Terror over the stupid-assed catapault design project waiting for me, but I try and think positively and keep my mind on relaxing fun things. Like playing Kingdom Hearts, for instance. Playing on the large tv in the family room is FUN. Also I cannot seem to stop leveling up once I start. I think I'm at 68 right now. It's the momentum or something.

Watching some X-Files right now. I think "Herrenvolk" is on. XF has been on Sci-Fi all day, and all the quality mytharc is making me misty for the days when the show not only didn't suck but kicked ass and made me tape it and read lots of fic. Ahh, fandom nostalgia. I may not be a Bitter Old Fic Queen but I strongly suspect that I am sometimes a Bitter Old Fandom Wench. Though today my mother amused me immensely by mocking David Duchovny's crappy blah-acting. Love you, mom. I never thought she noticed before. I introduced her to Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust last night, and she liked it, though I doubt she'll fill out a membership to ANO anytime soon. It'd be cool if I could show her Hellsing and she could join our little harem for Alucard. On the other hand...perhaps not.

Damn, I seem to run out of things to say.
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Off to weddingness. w00t.
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*Dad sees the black and leopard-print bras I brought home from Wal-Mart*
Dad: Woowoo!
Mom: Those are Angie's.
Dad: I just woowoo'd my daughter...


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