Oct. 23rd, 2001 10:46 am
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So, she IM'd me. My responses were limited to "about the same as 19" (in response to how being 20 felt) and "yep" (in response to whether it was a good birthday.)

If she bitches in her journal about how I am just a big bitch who is mean and won't give her a chance and why won't I talk to her I swear I will not be held responsible for my actions.

Rant 2.0

Jun. 3rd, 2001 01:29 pm
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Okay, I meant to post this last night, but my ISP was having issues. Here it is:

"Subject: Okay, this is almost funny now...

Friend X is getting cute. She responded to a pissy lj post that I wrote like two months ago:

*sigh* Someone remind me to get off this stupid fuckng messageboard. I'm trying to bow out gracefully without destroying a friendship (yeah, right, with someone I don't even like) but right now it only inspired rage in me. It's amazing how so much arrogance, ignorance, and conceit can be packed into so few shells. CBB, kiss my ass.
Their reply was:
.....I love you too Jaina.

What. EVER. Apparently I have the "maturity of an eight year old" anyway, and neither Val nor I dealt with being away from home for the first time like she did. (And my response to that is "Gosh, fucking your friends over and acting like a spoiled brat is a good response? Okay!") I don't know why I'm surprised. It's the same old same old. None of her friend problems have anything to do with her behavior, it's just us and our immaturity. Snort. At least I'm honest. At least, if she asked me how I truly felt, I would tell her. I don't go skulking around proclaiming happy happy fun time and then bitching about her immaturity behind her back. (Granted, Val and I had some bitch sessions back in the day, but the purpose was to get it out of our systems so we wouldn't get fed up and ditch her)

Gah. I'm getting the shakes from this. Well, partly because it's cold. Can someone reassure me that I am not the demon that she thinks I am? Because...I know myself, but sometimes I just need to hear it...

Why can't she let this go? I don't hate her, I'm not interested in stirring up bad feelings, I don't want to make running into each other next year any more difficult. I want to leave the past behind me. Why can't she?"

Rest assured, I am feeling *much* better today. But a good rant needs airing, so I'm posting anyway.


Jun. 1st, 2001 11:29 pm
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Val says this warrants a holy flying fuck, but whatever. Non-Friend X just IM'd me. (Oh, Val too now.) Like she didn't spend the last six months hurting us and alienating us. Like I didn't post this. Like we're still friends. Like she can just IM us out of the blue and pretend nothing happened and count that as "trying." Try again, bitch. I'm talking to her "yes no questions, one word responses etc) because I am a creampuff polite chica whose mama raised her more or less right, but I hope she gets the hint. We're done.
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Writing a late-night story can be like trying to preserve a dying friendship.

Sometimes there's nothing you can do to force it to come along, because the time is just not right.

Adieu. I'm sorry things worked out like this.
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They say that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. I know that I (and a good many other people) could never hate anyone--at least, I haven't thus far. (Interrupt my taping on Buffy night and you might find out.) But I can be indifferent to someone. Is that worse?
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Well, the Once-And-Future-Roommate is beginning "the project" this afternoon. Yeah, I had to ask what it was, too. Apparently she's going to have a talk (and this is a girl who doesn't talk much to begin with) with Friend X, basically trying to make her realize that not caring about what people think is not the same thing as not caring about people's feelings, i.e. she's a bitch and treats her `friends' like shit. I should be sad to say this, but I really don't care how it goes. I mean, if OAFR knocks some sense into Friend X, great, but if not, it doesn't matter much to me. I think it's pretty much too late. Maybe I should just start calling her X, because I don't see much in her that I want to be friends with anymore.
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*sigh* Someone remind me to get off this stupid fuckng messageboard. I'm trying to bow out gracefully without destroying a friendship (yeah, right, with someone I don't even like) but right now it only inspired rage in me. It's amazing how so much arrogance, ignorance, and conceit can be packed into so few shells. CBB, kiss my ass.
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GAAAH. Lunar: Eternal Blue is driving me up a frickin' wall. ZOPHAR, WHY WON'T YOU DIE? I got *this* close, and then the stupid magic arm clocked Lemia and Ronfar and I was up th proverbial S Creek. Trying again before sleep. ARRRGH. DIE ZOPHAR DIE. Lucia, why don't you stop floating around the ceiling and HELP ME OUT? Does anyone even know why I have that line for the topic? Ten geek points if you do.

Friend X pulled her "all about me, I don't care about my friends, I'm right so deal with it" bullshit this weekend. Rei and I are actually staging an intervention of sorts because she always apologized but she has no idea how much pain she's causing Val. She needs a good bitchslap. She always has an excuse for being a horrible bitch, and we are of course merely picking fights with her, and she "is right and [we'll] just have to live with it" (direct quote!) and it's always fucking about her and GAHHH I'm getting pissed again. Must stop. Must be calm. She actually pissed off some of her beloved online friends, which is a first. I hope she listens to us, because it doesn't show here, but she's a good friend when not being a mondo bitch.

Everyone on our floor is completely crazy. Jessica wins the prize, though because she's drunk and that gives her a head start. "Crazy, crazy fun on the floor" according to Val. There's also a random guy who we don't know in a purple robe and slippers wandering around. I wonder if someone slipped crack into the water supply. With our dining hall, I wouldn't be surprised.

One week! One week until spring break, THANK GOD. Most of my papers/exams were actually last week, including the Spanish Test Of Vagueness, and I got an A on my Britcom paper so yay. Reminder to self: actually post to the listproc and GET THE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION IN. I should get it. It's a child of alumni scholarship. Both my parents went here, and I have the grades. Keep your fingers crossed. Tis week I just need to finish my story for the workshop. Prof "loved" the story I turned in lsat week (conveniently located at my webpage, Yajedancer under the creative works section. BLATANT PLUG BLATANT PLUG BLATANT PLUG.

There's a tiny stuffed Pikachu atop my monitor. He brightens the place up. Eric sometimes takes this tiny Pikachu and stuffs it into Val's big puffy Pikachu pillow so that it looks like it's a shrunken-head Pikachu. I need to scan pics once I get my lovely gorgeous new scanner. And a NEW `PUTER this summer! Woohoo! Hours at Dairy Queen over spring break will soon come in very handy. And my parents volunteered to pay for 3/4 of it. I love them so much.

Does any of my chatter amuse any of you guys? Sometimes I wonder if people read this and laugh/cringe or just sort of roll their eyes at Silly Ol' Jaina. I'm guessing the laugh/cringe, because weirdness can be entertaining. *g*

I'm a bridesmaid twice over this summer/fall. How weird is that. Actually, not really, but it's 2 in the morning and rational thought seems weird right now.

Zophar, your doom approaches.
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Gaaaaah. How does one deal with whiny friend? How does one deal with friends who have to make everything all about them? How does one deal with friends who always talk about the same topic to the point of extreme annoyance? How does one deal with incredibly sensitive to possible insult friends? How does one deal with it when it's THE SAME PERSON? Gaaaaah!

Yuck. I need to get up and wash my hair tomorrow, but I wanna sleeeeeep.....Feh.


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