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So a while ago—holy crap, coming up on two years?—I started running as a form of exercise. I'd been working out for a while, mostly elliptical and some machines at my gym, and while that was helpful, it didn't help get rid of some extra flab or build muscle. (I know health isn't determined just by pounds, but when there's not much noticeable difference in any form...) So I started doing the Couch-to-5k program. It took more than the official two months the program schedules, since I'd stick on one segment until I felt ready to move on, but eventually I got there, and I actually have run a couple of 5ks now. (The first one was a better time. This summer, I slacked off on running and the weather was very humid and heavy.)

I've never been a runner. Did it for a couple years in middle school, short and long distances both, and really didn't enjoy it. It was physically unfun and mentally boring. Tennis was much more engaging. But like I keep explaining to people, I started running recently because I'm actually lazy. No, it makes sense! I got more bang for my buck with running. 30 minutes of jogging a couple times a week got bigger results than 30 minutes of elliptical a couple times a week. So I might have to put more effort into it while I'm exercising, but I can go home sooner and be lazy. But I don't like running, I've said. It's just an efficiency thing, that's all.

This week I did my first five-mile run.

I don't think I can use that excuse anymore.
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So...if I dream about doing a ton of crunches, they still count, right?
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Today I ran my first 5k! Very exciting. I mean, I've run 5k before, but not A 5k with scoring and such.

I did pretty well--finished around the middle of the pack, in the bottom 50% but not by much. Official time is 32:50. I cut a bunch of time off my usual total time and my per-mile average. The race raised money for a local women's shelter, too, which was good. Some of the people in it were seriously awesome; there was a 90-year-old woman and the lady who won the walkers' group (which started the course three minutes after the runners) had a time that beat me by a little bit. That's some serious walking.

I'm pretty pleased. Will definitely run another sometime.
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Weight Watchers goal loss of XX pounds: Accomplished
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What also rules: running three miles through Ueno Park and then through the streets, watching people coming alive to start the day, and watching the kids heading off to school. (Adding a touch of Vienna Teng:s "Lullabye for a Stormy Night" only improves things.) My favorite was what appeared to be a high school boy on his bike, with his elementary school brother (complete with adorable hat) trotting along beside him.

The rule that drivers need to stay on a particular side of the road is more of a guideline, but in these streets, it kind of has to be.
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Tonight I ran two miles for the first time! I've been doing the Couch-to-5k program and this was the forst stage where I ran a significant distance with no periods of fast-walking. Went faster than usual, too-I usually have it set at 5 but I got up to 5.5 tonight. (I don't know if that's MPH or just an arbitrarily numbered setting on the gym treadmill.) I feel really good about myself! I did the initial stages way more than the plan suggests, but that's the cool thing-you can move up to the next bit whenever you feel ready, and you're still building endurance the whole time. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to trim down or just get more fit, and I am not a natural runner.

BTW, some of the comments to this post came after I was home and netless for about another 24 hours, but I wanted to update those who were kind enough to try and help or just sympathize. I don't know exactly what landlord did to fix it, although I told him to just try resetting the router-I was away all day on Saturday and it was on when I came home, so I'm guessing that's what he did and that's what worked. So it wasn't me. SO THERE.

Let's hope it doesn't cack out for a while now. I get the shakes when cut off from the Intertubes for too long.
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"You're getting so thin! Are you on a diet?"

ILU Karen!
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I just got my assignment for [livejournal.com profile] bleach_flashfic. There are several interesting possibilities among the characters/pairings requested, but one just calls out to some of my sekrit evil fic yearnings that I've always sorta wanted to try but could never justify before. I never had a reason. Now I do, so I probably will.

Ah, masochism. And that is directed at me, not the characters in question. Though I suppose that could make for an interesting fic too!

In other news, my calves continue to voice their objections every time I insist on doing unreasonable physical activities. You know, like walking. I hope they're better tomorrow, because I'm doing upper-body weights tonight, so if all of my limbs are bitching at me then I just might have to have someone drag my to work by my hair.

Is it Thursday already? How did that happen?!
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omg I am sore from going to the gym this afternoon and also every night this week but Thursday (since I was chillin' with Seth Green or something) and you know what? If the gym didn't close stupidly early on weekends, I WOULD PROBABLY GO FOR A SECOND SESSION THIS EVENING.



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