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So...if I dream about doing a ton of crunches, they still count, right?


Oct. 10th, 2009 01:29 pm
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I dreamed I had a pile of baby hamsters, and now I'm kind of sad I don't.

On sleep

Sep. 4th, 2008 08:06 am
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There's nothing like having a detailed, desperately interesting fandom dream and then frantically trying to grasp the substance of what made it so compelling when you wake up.

Well huh.

Nov. 6th, 2007 11:04 am
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Last night I dreamed I kept trying to get holy water from a priest so I could purify a dog and cat of ours that might need an exorcism.

Yeah, I don't know.
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Last night's dream involved:

-Driving down a country road toward a ranch I usually go to only to see A LION AND A WOOLLY ELEPHANT AND SOME OTHER ANIMALS RUNNING TOWARD ME AHHH. But it's okay, it was just some circus thing that was going on at a ranch down the road from it. The running of the bulls circus animals? I...I don't know.
-Meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] utenatai at the circus and then the usual ranch I went to. Maybe I usually went to the one to go walking because it was pretty? It didn't seem very ranch-like.
-The ranch place we ended up was going to get closed down, kinda like Coney Island, so it was both a "woo, last chance to hang out here!" thing and a "this place is getting kind of shabby and going downhill" feeling.
-Going to some university building where, in addition to teaching classes, they had some kind of upcoming video game expo thing. [livejournal.com profile] scathachdhu and I got to play an upcoming release for a Bleach game, but only after that station's workers had left and we snuck in. I think we also stole some little plastic figures of Rukia, Ichigo, Renji, and Shikamaru (yeah, he's from Naruto. Again, I don't know.) that they were giving away as prizes for people who lined up to play and won. We're so bad.
-Getting hit on by some otaku loser as we were both going to nearby bathrooms.
-A Vienna Teng concert in one of the university building's big classrooms. I could hear it but I couldn't see it. I was sad I didn't get to hear her play The Tower, though she did play Lullabye for a Winter's Night. My dreams are oddly specific sometimes.
-Sorting through really porny Bleach doujinshi and taking it back home to read it so I could decide which ones to buy, because doujinshi dealers will gouge you.
-A tornado.
-Continually going to the bathroom, but having to go again pretty soon. I think this was because my physical body really had to pee but is too well disciplined to wet the bed. I appreciate this.

Maybye it's because of the garlic bread-flavored pretzels chunks I had before going to bed at like two-thirty in the morning? I dunno, man, my head is a weird place sometimes.
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Man, dreams are weird. Last night's was really interesting. It involved:

-A high school (why does it always go back to high school?) trip to Germany for some marching band event
-...that was chaperoned by my dad, the high school principal
-...on a plane that, because it was a big international flight, was big enough that there was lounging room (HAHAHA NO)
-Me briefly being knocked up by the same dude who had knocked up this girl I knew (an actual girl I knew in high school) who did not know about me zomg the drama. THERE WAS A CONFRONTATION BETWEEN THE THREE OF US.
-Then it wasn't me being knocked up, but apparently Molly Ringwald in some `80s movies, and I commented on how she always seemed to get knocked up in `80s movies. (As far as I know, it was just the one.)
-There was some kind of shelving unit on the plane and I had to climb on a chair that kept nearly tilting over to grab some clothes off the shelf.
-Ukitake from Bleach was on the flight and came over to steady the chair for me while I grabbed the clothes, so I wouldn't all over.
-I got to hug him as I climbed down, kinda using him as a steadying point. It was a nice hug, very solid. I AM SUCH A NERD, I AM STILL IN A SQUEE-Y GOOD MOOD BECAUSE OF THIS BIT.
-We got to Germany and I realized that not only had I forgotten to pack my band uniform, I had forgotten my own trumpet
-After panicking about what reason I could use to explain how it was NOT MY FAULT, I realized I was totally screwed and going to have to suck it up.
-...and then I realized that because I would never be such a fucking moron to forget these items on a BAND TRIP, I must be dreaming. So I willed myself awake.

The end!
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The memories are fuzzy, but I think I made out with Dean in my dreams last night.

It was gooooooood.
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I feel really disgusted with myself this weekend. Somehow, in the space of 2.25 days I managed to consume the equivalent of a box of Girl Scout cookies (mostly Thin Mints with a few Samoas) and an entire. bag. of. chips. Cry. WAH I AM WEAK.

Had a date on Saturdya. Same guy as last week that I never wrote about. Like last week, it was fun--though my lower back is really sore on the right from some behind the back pool shots I think ow--but I'm just not attracted to the guy in a romantic sense. He's fun, so I wouldn't mind being friends if he's up for that. The only bug now is that I have to have That Conversation--tell me, is it bad to do it over aim if that's the only way we ever talk? It just seems weird to meet him or call him JUST for that. Meh.

Had a couple interesting dreams. In one, I married a co-worker o.O which I think was symbolism for date ambivalence. In the other, I went to the moon and it was AWESOME. From the moon, we had a very good view of people on earth--like, you could see actual people, but they couldn't see us. My astronaut partner explained that this was because on earth, the moon looks small, but on the moon, the earth looks big.

Dream logic.

Last night I had another "gotta get there" dream in which a couple friends and I were trying to get to some musical competition. I was in a hurry because we weren't going to practice until we were at the competition. To my surprise, the dream actually did progress, but we didn't get to play--I woke up as I was fetching my trumpet. Shucks.
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Every so often have one of those dreams where I'm desperately trying to go somewhere or do something and all these things pop up to delay me. Sometimes it's trying to pack for a flight, sometimes it's trying to find a non-stanky bathroom so I can pee (and no I've never had an "accident" as a result)...you get the idea.

Last night it was me trying to get ready for prom, primarily hair. Needed to curl it. And I also had to figure out whether I was going with pet freshman Jeff or my friend Chris, who I actually did go to senior prom with. I wasn't back in high school, mind you. It was some kind of...reunion prom? My subconscious didn't see fit to explain it.

So yes. My brain decided to angst about me trying to become a pretty, pretty princess. Dude, I don't even understand me.
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Except this time I actually got on the plane (it...kind of looked like a bus from the inside) and arrived in the airport. I stopped in some airport store that had a bunch of English-speakers and we yakked about how it was going to be an interesting trip since I was alone and not exactly l337 with the Japanese yet. From the windows, Tokyo was very pretty at night.

And then Becky just randomly showed up. Becky, how many times have we told you not to go to Japan on a whim? What if someone needs you to babysit?

This is getting weird. Every Japan dream I have, I get a little farther. I wonder if I'll get to go to a shrine or go shopping next time.


Apr. 24th, 2004 06:45 pm
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Will post about funeral later. For now, let me tell you the details of the last nap dream I just had before waking up. Val and I were playing a carnival-type game at Cedar Point or something that involved catching small plush shrimp and large plush bananas in buckets. Weird.

I totally won, by the way.
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Last night I had a fairly vivid fic dream. I know it came from a couple of stories I read last night. [livejournal.com profile] chiruken's Incompatible was one because of the VashxMilly element. Cayenne Pepper Powder's surprisingly enjoyable Trigun vampire AU was the other because of Meryl's very near-death state after being viciously attacked.

For those who care about geeky fic dreams )

That's about it, really. It was quite a vivid dream and since I've been thinking about it all morning I now have a fic to go with it in my head. Probably not something I'll ever write, since it's far too close to a couple of fics, including one that Dare Not Speak Its Name (you who've heard me bitch at cons know which one I'm talking about) and I'm currently working on other plotbunnies. (For those who care, slutfic is trekking on. Betty Spoons is currently kicking Knives' ass.)

After my classes I need to head for the bank and deposit the paychecks I forgot to pick up before break. Someone please explain to me that I should save my money and not take some cash and a Replay gift certificate to get volume four of KareKano.
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My wireless internet has been down for a day and a half now. Sorry if I missed anyone last night--I was hoping it would be fixed when I got home. I suppose I should be glad that I used the time semi-productively for my speech and...um...killing a monster in .hack//Mutation. Hey, I said "semi".

Good dream last night--I dreamed that I found the first DVD & box of Azumanga Daioh being sold with a Game Boy Advance for like $40, and I bought it and was all happy because I didn't know AD was being released so soon and I was excited about buying lots of cool games for the GBA. I woke up and I have no DVD and no GBA, but I strongly suspect that my subconscious is trying to push me around and someday I'll be standing outside Mediaplay wondering why I bought a GBA and then I'll get headaches from squinting at the weeny screen and Advil will be happy.

The first seven persuasive speeches given in my interpersonal communications class were lame. I can't be the only person who wanted to shake a speaker and yell "Just what exactly are you trying to persuade us to do, hmmmm? TELL ME!" Sadly, I probably was. But hey, I finished most of today's crossword puzzle on my own, and that's cool.

I better finish my prose poem now. I hope Val has managed to beat the realty people into fixing the thrice-damned wireless.
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Three, technically. My neck is in a thousand knots from staring down at bundles of boring paper, looking for checks that never materialized. WAH. Anyways.

1) Stupid dentist's office. Last week, I was having dinner with the lovely Emma before her play, and two of my front teeth started feeling this odd pressure and then went numb. I don't have a clue what's up with them. So, I scheduled a dentist's appointment, and as per Mom's suggestion, mentioned I might as well get a cleaning as long as I was there. See, she thought that my last standard cleaning was in January, and as I repress my trips to the dentist as quickly as possible, I figured she was right. She wasn't. It was March. So I got home to hear a couple of messages from the denist's office cancelling my appointment because they didn't have me down as needing a cleaning. YOU STUPID BINT, I SAID THERE WAS ANOTHER REASON! And I scheduled this appoint for next Tuesday on this past MONDAY. Way to give me a lot of time to call in to work things out, especially since they won't be open on Memorial Day. If they filled in my appointment time I am going to be so (more) pissed. Bugfuckers. I'm pretty sure I was audibly pissed on the message I left.

2) Whoever makes the chili at the Skyline on Schrock Road in Westerville. Okay, chili? Has more than beans and a weak watery brown substance. This was just...bland. I like cheese and noodles and beans okay, but I wanted CHILI! Chili has spice, even corporate sell-out chili like Skyline. Goddammit. Now I have to drive all the way to Polaris if I want some decent Skyline. Bugfuckers, conspiring to keep me from a good meal! I'm sorry I ever ogled you, Chasier Boy With Dimples!

And now for some introspection... )

Bah, I sound like a total bummer. Hey, it's the weekend! I get to have free time and write/edit fic and I don't have to go to work at the usual time/at all on Monday if I don't want to! I get to worry about future temp jobs and making money! No, I will be fine. I think I'm going to check out Anime Palace in Worthington tomorrow, and play some tennis with Chris if he's up for it. Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] qkellie, we must make plans to get together very soon. That's about it, I suppose. I really will post an ACen recap tonight or tomorrow. Really!
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Because now I really want a guinea pig. -_-;


Apr. 25th, 2003 10:10 am
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Last night I had one of those "your are faced with a life-changing moment that you cannot escape" dreams that recur every so often. Hate them. This time I ws pregnant and had to decide whether or not to have an abortion.

Man, that sucked. Shiver. Very glad to be not full of baby.


Mar. 1st, 2003 08:10 am
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Loading my friends page + seeing only two new entries since I went to sleep = I. Am. Up. Too. Early.

For the record, the waterpark people in my dreams are cmplete bastards, but the Dixie Chicks are very nice. And Jesus Christ, Val, of course i want you to walk me home through an area of town I don't know at midnight. Walking alone is just asking to be mugged. ^_^;
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Last night Megan gave me the BEST quote while we watched the final dvd of Trigun. I was trying to explain Legato's position in the Gung-Ho Gun hierarchy.

Megan: Is Legato a Gung-Ho Gun?
Me: Well, he's sort of their boss.
Megan: So he's under Knives.
Me and Becky: *burst into peals of laughter*

Okay, so this is only funny if you know of some of the yaoi pairings of Trigun. Oh, and it's not [livejournal.com profile] sache. I know too damn many Megans.

Odd dream last night...my parents and I were going to go to Cedar Point and I was all excited to go on the roller coasters. For whatever reason, things just got delayed and delayed and delayed until it was too late to go. I was really cranky, especially since we were also going to see my friend Jeff there and now we wouldn't. This sort of theme is common in my dreams...wanting to go somewhere and things get in the way and I wake up before I can.

Except this time it segued into another dream. Val and I were going to "Major Magic", the place in Toledo we go to for DDR sometimes except in the dream it was in North Baltimore, my original hometown, and the game selection really, really sucked. There was a DDR machine, but instead of being set up to play DDR, it would play four "DDR-themed" games, sort of like the Neo-Geo machine at the real-life bowling alley that has four old games on it. Bust a Move was one of them. None of them were actually DDR-themed, whatever that means. There were also dvds and games for asle on the walls, so I bought a game and it turned out that as a "bonus", the game had the first six episodes of Utena on it--that was why I couldn't find the first Utena dvd at Ohayocon, because the eps were on a game, not an actual anime dvd! I showed Val and we had a goot laugh over that.

My subconscious is weird.
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Yesterday, I drove a long distance and read lj before bed.

Last night, I dreamed I was giving a ride home to someone on my friends list who lives far away.

Go figure.

Dream file

Feb. 9th, 2002 01:51 pm
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I remembered one of my dreams from last night...I was at home, using our blessed cable modem and the firewall-free system. I was downloading my little heart out.

God, I really, really need to find a file-sharing system that works. I miss Morpheus. Anyone have any suggestions?


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