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"Peeping Room", the best Vash-sleeps-with-two-hookers book EVAH, is up on ebay. It's hi-larious!


Feb. 20th, 2005 08:49 pm
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Okay, someone has to buy this for the title alone.

Also, this would be kind of cute if it didn't also terrify me.
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A seller I bought from recently let me know that she's selling a bunch of Trigun doujinshi, including a few VashxMeryl, and including Crimson Bluegray, which is the Most Perfect Doujinshi. Just thought you guys might want to know. Plz dun bid against me on the one I went for!
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Got some in the mail yesterday and scanned a little bit for your pleasure.

Hands: A nice little missing scene from the recent TriMax issue, before Vash and Meryl do the adorable hand-bumping thing. I only scanned the last few pages, which are the aftermath of boffing and some nicely angsty hugs. Aw.

Go On Baby: A Driving Force story in a book that has some guest circles. Very pretty and sweet. Has some boobies but nothing graphic.

And a couple of pin-ups from the Girls Bravo Anthology: )


Sep. 8th, 2004 01:46 am
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I think "Love Sauce" seriously rivals "Saxuality" for Best Doujinshi Title Ever.
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Thought some of y'all might be interested in this.


Jun. 12th, 2004 11:09 pm
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*finishes reading (er...reading a few words/looking at the pretteh pictures) Crimson Bluegray*

*descends into a happy schmoopy cloud*

Yeah. This doujin was worth waiting for. And it was worth every penny I paid.


May. 26th, 2004 11:36 am
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I won Crimson Bluegray even though I forgot to be online when the auction ended! Ahahahaha! Prettiness shall be MINE! I lost the third book, but two Pannya Soup doujinshi in two days is a pretty good average, sez I.

Oh, and GIP.


May. 8th, 2004 04:26 pm
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In other words, Jaina got her some doujinshi today. Scans to come soon, whenever I've got my computer set up at home. Packing = teh suxor! And I'm seriously starting to think I have some kind of respiratory infection, which...blows, frankly. But hey, let's think of the positive things, like porn.
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*sighs at lack of het Trigun doujinshi*

You know, every time I see a listing for "soft yaoi", all I can think is that they must need viagra.
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Jesus wept.
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... Okay.
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If it's wrong to be highly amused at a doujinshi titled "Vibe On", then I don't want to be right.

I never get tired of this cover. It makes me laff.

Aww. That would be so much cuter if someone could split the picture up and photoshop in Meryl and Milly.

Nothing special here, I'm just amused by the seller's name.

Heh. Disarm.

Look, Wolfwood is part-giraffe!

And I'm spent.
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I see this doujinshi on eBay a lot. I used to think maybe people were just insane and really liked it.

Now I see a potential truth that makes a lot more sense--people see it, read it, are squicked*, and sell it again!

That makes me feel much better about humanity. Don't remind me about some of the other dj, please. I wish to remain deluded this morning.

*Yes, it really is that bad.
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Damn you, jpngoodskoba! I already bought one doujinshi from you this week, why must you taunt me with another? *sobs* At least I am eployed now (today is payday, yahooo!) and I can afford it more now. Though this makes it harder to say no. Dammit. >.< At least I have brainwashed [livejournal.com profile] greyvorfeed and [livejournal.com profile] dialogue into translating some of what I already have.

Pause for moment of surreality--some jpop singer doing a cover of Madonna's "Crazy For You" on this iTunes station. Weird. o_O

Dream Lovers is up again if anyone's interested. Honestly, it's not one of my favorites. Something about the way they draw Meryl bugs me--she doesn't look quite right. Vash is pretty good, though. But the hentai is just...not tasteful. For one it features MOUNTAINS OF SPLOOGE! At least it's equal-opportunity splooge and Vash is very, um, generous--though he might want to consider taking off his glove. (Don't make me explain this if you don't get it.) The story (what there is of one) and some illustrations are very cute, though, so I do't plan on selling my copy. (Just don't get me started on the Jessica and Lina illustrations. o_O *cries*) I prefer PannyaxSoup's style of hentai, which isn't really very hentai at all. (Shinshoku being an exception. Though they even manage not to show a whole lot in a rape scene. Creative storytelling, that.) The most you see in Cloudy Blood and Honeymoon Blue is a naked boob. Ooh, naughty! Though according to BG's residence life, cleavage apparently is very offensive. Remind me to explain that later.

Oh right, my original reason for commenting on this book. From the comments--"Vash is gentle and Meryl wants it, but Vash isn't gentle enough that Meryl doesn't really enjoy it!" Because we all know that gentleness sucks--everyone wants it fast, hard, and raunchy when they get sex0red up. Sure.

Why do people even DO


Nov. 24th, 2002 02:42 am
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New icons!

Oct. 25th, 2002 07:23 pm
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After scanning some doujinshi and flipping through my Misc Images folder, I just felt like some changes.

Isn't he so cute?

For those times when a little slaughter just isn't enough.



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