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Ponyo is like a sugar-coated acid tab wrapped in pages torn from a book of fairy tails doodled on with a watercolor paint set.
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So Bleach was awesome this week. No, the anime. No, the filler anime. I don't get it either!!!

Things I loved in this week's episode: )

The animation is nothing to write home about--what else is new--but I was thoroughly entertained. Watch out for rains of frogs and oceans of blood, because Bleach filler is great and nothing makes sense anymore.


Aug. 6th, 2009 10:57 am
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I realized that I REALLY need to post more about what is actually going on in my life because I have sucked at that. (Not that there's much exciting going on, but just so long-distance friends are in the loop.)

But not right now, because I lj from my phone during the workday and long posts are a pain. So I'll just say that it's weirding me out that despite skipping episodes for months, I am enjoying the new Bleach filler arc. Almost as much as the manga, actually; at least the anime has Rukia lately. I am such a shameless Rukiawife.

In random rec news, I recently finished the three-volume Uzumaki manga and it is creepy as fuck. I dig it. Two thumbs up.
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I know anime fans can get seriously butthurt with their entitlement complexes when it comes to fansubs, but the comment thread for this article seems to be an even stronger example than usual. Kind of fascinating, really. Who knew that the ability to watch Soul Eater at one's convenience was a human right.
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Oh my god Renji was such a DWEEB in Academy. And he totally could have gotten into Rukia's pants if he'd tried.
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A ha ha

Mar. 17th, 2008 09:21 am
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From ANN: The Saiyuki mythical adventure manga from Kazuya Minekura (Bus Gamer, Wild Adapter) will be adapted into a stage musical in Japan this September. Saiyuki Kagekiden: Go to the West will play in Tokyo's Ginza district from September 13 to September 21.
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I thought the anime format might reduce the bits I dislike about you, but it only kinda highlights the fact that your dialogue is super-lame.
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Watch this OP. Then find the anime and watch that too. It is charmingly cracktastic.

Bawk bawk

Sep. 26th, 2007 11:24 am
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First off, for those who asked, sorry, but the chickens weren't crossing the road. They were loitering in it. Though once I was driving up to college and we DID have to stop the car to let the chicken cross it. I don't remember it doing much when it got to the other side, though.

Second, a meme: ganked from Scathachdhu )
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Manga artist Mimei Sakamoto rips Japan's moe culture in an upcoming issue of Shukan Bunshun. "This fetish you call 'moe' is a pedophiliac fetish and is nothing more than perversion," she says. "In other countries, they'd call what you're fantasizing over 'child pornography' and you'd all be arrested."
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Mmm. Ed in a ponytail.

What? That's important to comment on!
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Fuck the handheld camera-ness. FMA IS MY CRACK I NEED IT MORE NOW GIVE ME MORE.

Running thoughts, except I didn't write this as I went )

Aiight, people, talk to me. [livejournal.com profile] rashaka? [livejournal.com profile] donna_c_punk? [livejournal.com profile] octopedingenue? Don't leave me alone in my squeeness.
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After much ebil encouragement at JF I present...

Yoruichi's Hos.
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Random rec--James Blunt's Back to Bedlam CD is of the much awesome and you should all watch it.

Cut for Bleach spoilers )
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To some of you, this is old. To others...shit, I didn't even know you back when I made this. I did this quiz like YEARS ago and just felt like randomly resurrecting it today.

Lookie! (It's on my domain, no popups.)

My result is actually kinda boring. I'd add a few more ships that I didn't think of at the time, but fuck it, I'm too lazy to re-code it now. When I first made the thing, I think it was this or K/M.

What Trigun ship are you??

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A thousand internet dollars to anyone who can find me a screenshot of Roy Mustang writing, at a desk in front of paperwork, really anything to denote written communication--or him in an "I'm insulting someone" pose. I have an icon I REALLY want to make.


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