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Birthdate:Oct 21
Location:New York, United States of America

Don't mind him. He's just a grumpy doorman.

Who I am:

[x] a professional editor
[x] an amateur nerd
[x] somewhat lazy
[x] a bitch-coated marshmallow
[x] prone to bouts of profanity and insanity
[x] a pretty pretty princess
[x] not a bad liar, but lacking motivation

Fic journal is here: [info]herdedcats
Links will probably be crossposted anyway, but if you're more interesting in fic than my nattering, it's an option.

Friending policy: Um, I feel completely stupid even putting this here, but hi! Feel free to friend and comment away, provided you're not here to be an asshole. Depending how busy I am and how out of hand my flist is at the moment I may not friend back--but I like talking to people, so I don't care if we're friended or not if you feel like commenting. Most fannish babble is public, but my boring life is f-locked. If you just created your journal and friended me right away, it'd be cool if you introduced yourself, because that always creeps me out otherwise.

Hi. I like comics and sci-fi and those big-eyed cartoons and I like fandom, except when I hate fandom. I buy far too many comic books every week, yet not enough. I have a tendency towards glitter and shiny. Sometimes I like it when evil wins, because good? Is dumb.

Kuchiki Rukia is nothing holding me back love

jaina is worldwide known
jaina is a educational and cultural project in the favela "morro do salgueiro" in rio de janeiro
jaina is a federation of more
jaina is my favorite female charater
jaina is still short of approximately $50
jaina is the umbrella that guides and combines all the jain centres in north america and canada
jaina is a little unsure of what to do with her life
jaina is closed to visitors
jaina is casey's long
jaina is quite surprised by that
jaina is female
jaina is just plain sickening
jaina is not pendorian
jaina is still alive
jaina is off her chair and retrieving some water before the woman can say another word
jaina is also strong
jaina is more than likely in her etiquette lesson
jaina is an avatar of their trickster goddess
jaina is a well known national social
jaina is ejected
jaina is applied to a person who is a spiritual victor

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