effervescible: (dug says - ...SQUIRREL!)
Jaina ([personal profile] effervescible) wrote2010-11-06 08:51 pm
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This censored cut of Kill Bill vol. 1 on TNT is fascinating. They cut out all of the blood sprays and a lot of the moments of impact for particularly brutal blows. What is the point of even airing it?! Then again, here I am with it running in the background.

I ate way too much candy/junk crap today. Ugh. I hope the weather cooperates tomorrow; I really feel like running this off.

Been kind of anxious/bummed out this weekend. But on the plus side, I've never been trapped near the summit of Mt. Everest during a violent storm like the people in the Frontline documentary I've been watching. That puts things in perspective, just a little bit.

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